I think every person that runs their own home will agree that energy bills can be absolutely crippling and the day that bill arrives is the day that the entire human race dreads! Whether it be pushed through the letterbox or sent in the form of an email, the end result is the same, the anxiety levels of all are set to hit sky-high levels when they see the damage that is about to be incurred on their finances! Yes, if there is one thing everybody knows, it’s that energy does not come cheap!

The truth is, in this day and age, everyone on the planet depends on energy! Times have moved on vastly since the day of our ancestors when simply the only source of energy needed was from the natural rays of the sun or the flicker of a flame! Yes, the population today has grown to rely on energy like a lifeline if you like and depend on the various energy sources to get them through each and every day! In today’s times, a world without energy would simply be unimaginable!

The truth is, everyone detests the day that energy bill darkens their door, however, they fail to acknowledge just how much precious energy they are simply wasting daily! It’s true! In all honesty, humanity has grown to take energy for granted and it has now become a force of habit to add to their staggering energy bills without actually realizing it! The fact is, if more people took notice of just how much energy they were wasting and made a few subtle changes, they could significantly cut down on the cost of their skyrocketing bills and save themselves from suffering a big financial hit! Here are 7 advantageous ways to save more energy at home.

Turn Off Unneeded Lights!

Now, come on guys! Every person sometime throughout their life has been found guilty of leaving a light on after vacating the room! This is a perfect example of wasting energy and contributing to your crippling energy bills. What use is a light left blaring when not needed? No use, that’s what! So remember to switch off that light and effectively save energy!

Go Solar!

To save energy and play your part in preserving our planet, go solar! Having solar panels installed on your home is one of the most effective ways you can save energy and save your finances from plummeting. The founders of savingonsolar.com explain that having solar panels fitted on your property will not only save you a small fortune but is also a sure way to raise your home’s value and qualify for a federal tax credit. Bonus!  

Unplug Devices When Not In Use!

It is a fact that some devices that are left plugged into the mains even when not in use continue to use electricity, this is known as phantom power. So that means every time you leave items such as phone/laptop chargers, DIY equipment, and electric toothbrushes plugged in, you are effectively burning a hole in your pocket! So remember guys unplugging items that are not in use will save on energy and even prolong the life of your chargers! 

Switch Off Appliances, Do Not Leave Them On Standby Mode!

Hands up to everybody who is guilty of becoming lazy and failing to switch off appliances properly! Let’s face it, we are all culpable! You can be watching TV on a cold winter’s night to opt for convenience and hit that standby switch, saving you from braving the chill and getting up from your comfy spot! Well…next time you reach for the remote bear in mind that standby may save you from getting out of bed but it certainly will not save you money when it comes to your energy bills. Get up, switch it off and watch that cash begin to accumulate!

Opt For Energy-Efficient Appliances!

These days energy-efficient appliances and devices have been created simply for the purpose of cutting down on energy and preserving the earth. So when the need arises to replace existing appliances, make sure to look out for items that have a high energy efficiency rating, by doing so you will be effectively saving energy and reducing the cost of your bills.

Wash At a Lower Temperature!

Setting your washing machine at a lower temperature can make a significant difference when it comes to saving energy! Higher temperatures are known to use far more electricity than that of a cooler wash. You can also try to minimize how many loads you wash throughout the week and try to get it all done in one go. By doing so you will surely help in saving energy and decrease the cost of your bills.

Reduce Your Water Usage

A great way you can save on energy is to try and reduce your water usage. An easy way to effectively lessen the amount of water you use can be to opt for taking a quick shower instead of a lengthy one or a long bath. You can also make sure to turn off running taps when necessary such as when you are brushing your teeth and ensure to use the specified amount of water when cooking.

The truth is, there are masses of ways you can save on energy by making only the subtlest of changes. By simply switching off lights/devices, opting to go solar-powered, aborting standby mode, and reducing your water usage you can effectively save on precious energy and lower the cost of those crippling energy bills!