Not everyone enjoys having an attic in their home as they just convert it into another storage area. While it might be a great place to store your boxes and other memories, you might want to consider turning it into a functional space, giving your room an expansion without physically expanding your house.

As you redecorate your attic, you might want to ensure that it’s in tip-top shape so you can provide a safe and quality workspace. You can hire a cleaning and inspection company like Attic Projects Company or other similar businesses, and they should be able to make sure it’s safe for remodeling.

Here are some attic design tips for a modern makeover:  

Decide On The Functionality

Before you proceed with designing your attic, you should decide about what kind of room you’d like it to be. This will allow you to be efficient with your space by having a regular flow about how it’ll look like.

For your attic, you can choose to transform it into an office space, crafts room, kid’s bedroom, mom cave, lounging area, or even an entertainment room. As you decide what kind of room you like, you can look for inspirations online so you can make the most out of every inch of the space.

Don’t Go Large On Furniture

Your attic is only a small space that doesn’t have a full height. With that, your furniture should match its height and size perfectly to prevent the room from being crowded or too bulky. Ideally, you should purchase pieces with a height of at least three feet below the ceiling. This will allow the room to look airy and spacious.

Alternatively, you can customize a full-length cabinet that can cover the entire side of the wall. This will give your attic maximum storage space without having to make it look crowded. You can choose to go for an open shelf or go for cabinets to hide any clutter, keeping the room neat and organized.

Maximize The Light

One of the best characteristics that your attic could have is how airy and bright the room could be. If your attic only uses a single window, you might want to consider adding more to increase light inside. This will help you save on energy while giving a brighter feel once you’re inside.

Apart from adding more windows, you should consider repainting the attic into something brighter. The lighter shades that you use inside, the brighter the room could be. Ideally, you should consider repainting your walls and ceilings with white, light gray, or beige. For an accent color, you can go with black or softwood to give your room depth.

As you maximize the light inside your attic, add plenty of indoor lights as well. With an attic as a storage unit, you’ll probably be using a single bulb to light up the entire room. However, with functional space, adding more lights will help the attic feel like a room rather than extra space.

Provide A Cozy Ambiance

If you’re planning to transform your attic into a mom cave, lounging area, or a reading nook, you should make the place as cozy and comfortable as possible. Consider it as an extension of your home wherein you can escape from reality. With that, making it as relaxing and rejuvenating as possible would be a perfect idea.

When building a cozy attic space, you may want to create a special corner, allowing you to relax in peace. It could be a large sofa, a small bed, or even a hammock that could hang from your ceiling. To provide maximum comfort, use the coziest materials. Additionally, it’d help if you provide blankets and plenty of pillows to make the space snuggly.

Make It Multi-Functional

Apart from adding a cozy corner inside your attic, you might want to maximize every space available. This way, you’ll have something more to do rather than just nap and take a quiet time while you’re up there.

You could add a mini library, coffee corner, a crafting space, musical instruments, or a yoga mat for added functionality. This will allow you to do numerous things without having to go from one room to another. It’ll be a great place to relax and chill alone or with your family and friends.

Choose A Standard Theme

To give your attic a coordinated and neat look, you should choose a theme and stick with it for the entire room. As you decide on what design you’d like to have, you can allow it to be similar to the whole appearance of your home or let it be a separate space, giving you an escape from reality.

There are plenty of themes you can go for. You can choose to have a minimalist, contemporary, or Scandinavian, among others. The key to having a comfortable attic space is using light colors for the walls, ceilings, and furniture. To add depth and prevent the room from being too plain, you might want to add at least 10% accent colors such as gray, tan, green, or navy blue.

Utilize Wall Decors

Even if an attic doesn’t have many flat walls, you shouldn’t leave them behind. As you decorate, you should maximize wall decors as much as possible. This will help give your area an added character without having to consume too much floor space.

As you maximize your wall decors, you should consider adding posters, framed photos, open shelves, or even fairy lights to provide a cozy and romantic ambiance inside. Just ensure that you provide the perfect balance and try to avoid overcrowding it with decors. Ideally, you should only add one to three wall decors for the ideal balance.


Designing your attic isn’t as easy as it looks. As you try to make it a functional space, you need to ensure that every piece of furniture goes well together. Moreover, for a modern look, going for minimalism would always hit the spot. This will allow you to save on cost, along with keeping the room look polished and tidy.