It doesn’t matter whether you are renovating, or designing from scratch, interiors should be done with a touch of elegance and simplicity.

The idea of contemporary modern wall decor is to fashion a focal point that reflects the ‘tout de suite’ image. Capturing the attention of the onlooker, immediately and create interest.

However, the idea is to keep things simple. Avoid overkill. The ‘less is more’ look speaks volumes. And, generates a far more lasting impact than overdoing the look.

So, let’s see what are the trendiest wall decors that you can choose for your home.

The Old Mixed With The New

Wall Art

This is especially for those who already have an art piece lying around and absolutely must show it off. In such a scenario it makes sense to make the artwork the central point of attention.

Everything in the room then needs to complement the center point. It is advisable to go with colors that do not clash with the colors of the art piece.

Wall Poster And Wall Print

Wall Posters are easily accessible. Not to mention, they are available in great variety. Hence you can effortlessly construct a modern, contemporary theme with these.

All you do remember when you try out wall prints is that there is consistency. Utilizing neutral tones with an exotic, vividly colored wall print or poster couples style with panache.

Metal Wall Art

Metal Wall Art

3D elements in calligraphic words or signs, shapes, and even suspended forms are the latest in contemporary wall decor.

Wood and paints don’t project retro. Hence, the next level modern wall art is done in metal.

We are hoping that our article will assist you in creating an ambiance that is true to contemporary modernism. However, here’s a few things you want to steer clear of to avoid decor faux pas.

Avoid Clash Of The Colors

Once again, we cannot stress enough how important it is to use clashing colors in a room. You won’t be creating a focal point. Rather you’ll be making the entire room look like a Picasso.

Go For The Right Size

A small room with a very large wall decor only seems overcrowded. On the flip side, a large room with small accents demonstrates nothing. The artwork is entirely lost.

Thus, try to do all things in proportion. Do not overwhelm the walls.

Picking The Right Frames

Picking The Right Frames

Try making the art the centerpiece rather than its frame. Keep well away from garishly gilded pieces. that’s more Victorian than contemporary.

Choose With Love

It may sound cliche, but try choosing art decor that speaks to you. It should reflect your sense of style and concept of modernity.

Allow your personality to reflect in your home. After all, it is your home. So, if the wall decor resonates with your personality and sense of style, it’ll probably feel right where it’s supposed to be, rather than more out of place.

In Conclusion

The best way to go about decorating your home, and selecting the perfect wall decor for your home, is to do some research before you choose something.

Try, to point you in the right direction.