Cleaning is a tedious task. It is time consuming, labor intensive and a frequent imperative. You are perhaps equipped with a vacuum cleaner, a dishwasher, a washing machine and other essential tools for cleaning. Yet, you might be committing several mistakes. None of us commit these mistakes knowingly or intentionally. These are simply acts of omission.

Let us discuss seven cleaning mistakes you probably make.

Cleaning the Floor, before Everything Else

You should never start your cleaning routine with the floor. It should be the last place in a room to be cleaned. Everything you dust, wipe, mop or vacuum will contribute to dirtying the floor. Regardless of whether or not you have a carpet on the floor, you should always keep it for the final leg of your cleaning ritual. Start with the topmost fixtures and furnishings in a room. Ideally, you must begin with the ceiling. You may presume that using a feather duster for the ceiling will grab all dust and dirt, without letting any fall on the objects around. This is a wrong presumption. Feather dusters, never mind what the advertisements claim, do not grab all dust and dirt. Loose particles will fall off despite your expertise and meticulous handling.

Applying Cleaning Agents, Directly on Materials

Never apply cleaning agents directly on materials. The objects may have any type of surface, wood or glass, plastic or metal. Applying liquid or other types of solvent based cleaning agents directly on materials will lead to a buildup of the solution owing to the dust, dirt or grime on the surface. This clogging will complicate cleaning. Even if you are able to get rid of the buildup, it is likely there would be stains left behind. Streaks on windows, stains on glass, grimy lines on wood and dirty marks on metal are often a consequence of this mistake.

Not Cleaning the Cleaning Essentials

There is a niche in the corporate world, wherein experts train the trainers. Teachers too need some learning from time to time, so more erudite professionals are brought in for such teaching sessions. Likewise, the cleaning essentials in your house must be clean before you use them. This applies to your dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, the various handheld and manual or semiautomatic and automatic tools as well as the sink.

We often clean the utensils but leave the sink as it is after the task. We do the same with our washing machine and dishwasher. We use the toilet brush, clean it quickly and put it back in its holder immediately. All these are bad practices. You must avoid such mistakes.

Lumping Diverse Objects in the Same Cleaning Module

The whites don’t go into the washing machine with the colors. Why should anything but dishes, plates, saucers and cups go into the dishwasher? Vacuum cleaners cannot be used for all types of surfaces or materials. You must not lump diverse objects in the same cleaning module.

Unwise and Impractical Cleaning Methods for Some Objects

A cheese grater or a cutting board, whether it is wood or plastic, should not be put into the dishwasher. These should not be cleaned using dish soap either. Use hydrogen peroxide or bleach. Dish soap contaminates the microscopic food stuck in the tiny holes of a cheese grater or the almost invisible cracks in a wooden cutting board.

Using the Cleaning Tools for the Entire House

Do not use the same rag, microfiber cloth, mop, sponge and drying towel for everything you clean. You would not bring out the toilet brush to clean something in the kitchen. Likewise, the mop for your bedroom should not be the one you have just used to clean the entire living area. Use different rags and cloths for designated spaces to avoid carrying dust, dirt and germs from one room to another.

Not Considering a Professional Cleaning Service

Finally, a common mistake millions of people commit is not considering a professional cleaning service. There are cleaning services for every area of the UK. Emop covers London and much more, if you live in Kingston check out their Kingston area cleaning service. Everyone should try to save more money, but once in a while you will need a professional cleaner. It is practically impossible to clean any space, let aside the whole house, in a manner that is even remotely as effective as a professional can do.