From cockroaches to ants, household pests are never welcome. Spraying random pesticides around the home, however, isn’t always the answer. Explore a few tips from the professionals when it comes to get rid of house ants. There are some effective ways to remove them for good.

1. Cutting off Pathways

Pests largely rely on convenience when it comes to inhabiting an area. They simply need nourishment and shelter. Pathways into your home make it easy for them to move in. Walk around your home with a caulking gun. Fill in any crevices or openings that might invite pests indoors. Patch up larger holes with drywall or wood.
Cutting off Pathways
Pay close attention to openings where pipes and other conduits meet the walls. There must be openings here, but be sure to seal any space around the conduit. Pests can use pathways as narrow as an electrical wire to access the home.

2. Removing Luxurious Habitats

A wood pile close to home is a convenient way to feed a fireplace on a cold night, but it’s also a fantastic habitat for pests. Be sure to stock any natural resources, including wood, several feet away from the home. If pests do nest in the pile, they’ll remain isolated to it. Packing the pile close to the home only gives the pests access to the walls and tiny pathways into the interior.

3. Calling in the Professionals

At times, calling in the professionals is just the right choice. Get rid of pests for good when a pest-control company is on the job. They’ll spray particular chemicals that target your pests. These chemicals are created from industrial-strength ingredients, which means that pests will respond to them.

Ask the professionals back every few months in order to keep up with the pest control. Every chemical wears off at some point.
Calling in the Professionals

4. Keeping a Neat Home

A simple yet effective way to get rid of home pests is by being neat. Vacuum and dust on a regular basis. Pick up after yourself. Venture into the attic, and vacuum away the dust bunnies. By leaving no area unkempt, pests don’t have a chance to move in. Spiders scatter and cockroaches simply want to be left alone.

Examine closets and crawlspaces on a regular basis too. Any areas that aren’t inhabited every day will be havens for pests. Your entire property, including those hard-to-reach areas, must be cleaned and checked.

5. Fixing Plumbing Leaks Right Away

Aside from shelter, access to water is a big draw for pests. You may not realize that you have sources of water around the home until you really examine the property. Look for any tiny leaks from pipes or spigots. Water that puddles or saturated areas on a regular basis can give pests the nourishment that they need to move in and reproduce.

Fix any plumbing problems and remove unnecessary water sources around the home. Pests may simply look for another outlet for their needs.

6. Trying a Household Cat

If you happen to see a pest from time to time, cats will often notice them before you. Think about training your cat to seek out pests. You might take them into the garage, and guide them toward a spider walking across the floor. Most cats love to pounce and bat around random pests.
Trying a Household Cat
Their services don’t necessarily work with infestations, but they’re handy with a handful of pests every now and then. Be sure to remove the pest once it’s been pounced on. Cats will eat them. They aren’t always the healthiest snacks.

7. Considering Natural Deterrents

Vinegar for ants and catnip for mosquitoes are only a few of the natural deterrents that you can use around the home. Each pest is vulnerable to some plant or substance. Consider the regular visitors to your home. Select your substance of choice, such as sprinkling salt on your carpet to rid it of fleas. When you make an area inhospitable to a certain pest, they’ll die out or move onto another location.

For any questions about home pest control, contact Surekill Leeds today. Our team can be instrumental in clearing out your home of pests and warding them off for good. Trust in our methods so that you can rest easy at night.