Pests inside the home are a source of serious headaches for anyone. There is a wide range of pests problems that we can encounter. Termites are almost never visible but can do very costly damage to your home. Spiders are actually fairly harmless, but they frighten people. Roaches suggest that you’re a poor housekeeper, and the list goes on and on.

Whatever the pest you are trying to avoid, there are seven ways you can get it out of your home permanently.

Destroy Hiding Spaces

Destroy Hiding Spaces
Most pests are timid and try to avoid human contact. That’s why you often encounter them when you go into a dark room or move a piece of furniture. Those hidden locations are where pests congregate and reproduce, so when you can eliminate those nesting spaces, you’ll make it more difficult for them to set up housekeeping. Clean up outside areas like wood piles to control snakes and mice. Indoors, try to minimize the number of objects on the floor.

Remove Food Sources

Pests won’t stick around very long if they can’t easily find anything to eat. Cockroaches and various beetles are drawn to spilled food. Because damage to the packaging is almost impossible to prevent, when possible, you can store packages in permanent plastic containers. The airtight seals will ensure that neither the contents nor even their aroma will be detected by foraging pests, discouraging them from searching any further.

Get Exterminator Services

Get Exterminator Services
Exterminators provide essential services for the battle against pests. They have access to specialised products that homeowners cannot purchase, allowing them to treat more effectively and aggressively against tough intruders like termites, which simply cannot be managed with home remedies or other strategies. Not only can Bennetts Services kill pests that are already there, they can also prevent infestations…and re infestations.

Illuminate Dark Areas

Some rooms in the home are seldom used, left closed up and dark most of the time. It’s no wonder that a visit to such a space often results in an encounter with spiders or mice. For rooms that see only occasional use, place a lamp inside with a timer so that it is lit up a few hours each day. The cost will be minimal, and the deterrence to pests will be well worth it.

Block Access

Of course, the best way to keep pests from being indoors is to make sure they stay outdoors. Examine all your windows, doors, utility connections, and other potential entry points. If you see even the smallest gap, seal it tightly with caulk. Make sure door sweeps are properly positioned, and try to keep cats and dogs as either 100% indoor or 100% outdoor, since their daily comings and goings can carry in ticks and fleas.

Bring in a Predator

Bring in a Predator
Speaking of our four-legged companions, they can often be a great tool to fight back against pests. Rats, mice, voles, and many other small rodents are a common food source for pets. If you don’t already have a cat, adding one to the family can do a lot to help keep mice from spending time around and in your home. Dogs are effective at scaring away larger animals outside.

Keep It Tidy

Clean inside cupboards and cabinets to gather any leaked flour, sugar, rice, and other dry goods. Wipe up spills immediately, especially sugary products like syrups, soda, and fruit juice. Remove garbage bags from indoors as quickly as possible and store them in a latched bin until pickup day. Remember that a crumb or drop that looks like nothing to you will look like a feast to insect pests, so fastidious cleaning is essential.

Your home is for you and your family, not for pests. Sometimes it can feel like you are losing the battle to keep it that way, especially when a particularly unpleasant or destructive pest emerges.

Don’t give up! It is possible to keep pests out of your home. These tips represent a solid strategy for preventing infestations of many different kinds of pests, as well as for treating those that have already struck. With careful attention to detail and some regular assistance from professionals, you can keep pests out of your home and off your mind.