It is quite difficult to create an original and unique interior in your house or apartment. You can, of course, turn to the help of designers and use expensive materials and items. However, it is best to create DIY decor with your own hands. I will show you that each person can create his own, unique atmosphere, which will reflect the entire inner world of the owner.

DIY room decor is a direction the essence of which is to give originality and uniqueness to your interior by using improvised tools. This style of decor provides for certain principles and rules:

  • in the process of manufacturing room decor items, the available tools at home are used (pieces of wallpaper, paper, scotch tape, tile remains, various wooden products);
  • everything is done with your own hands;
  • the style corresponds to the mood, season or a certain topic;
  • DIY includes the restoration of old furniture and giving various objects a new life;
  • natural materials are used, and there are no restrictions on the flight of fancy.

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Things to do during the holidays: 10 DIY ideas for your home

ideas for your home
Holidays, a great chance to do the decor of the room with your own hands. I will show you the ready-made 10 room decor ideas:

  • do-it-yourself curtains have a simple design in the form of a canvas that forms folds when lifting (Roman curtains);
  • headboard decoration for the bed (soft screed will not only transform the bed but the whole room);
  • updating the kitchen apron (it is easy to transform ceramic tiles with a modern pattern);
    a shelf from improvised means (using unnecessary materials, you can build a functional shelf for things);
  • the idea of ​​updating furniture (old laminated products and particleboard can change in a short time);
  • hiding sockets and switches (you can easily hide or decorate electrical nodes);
  • DIY decor with the help of old photographs (black-and-white and faded photos are not only a memory but also an opportunity to decorate any room);
  • decoupage of furniture (any cabinet can become a stylish addition to the interior by using this technique);
  • restoration of a suitcase (this old roomy item, after some manipulations can become a distinctive part of the interior);
  • design with ordinary bulbs (using them you can create a bright luminous sign).

DIY spring room decor ideas

DIY spring room decor ideas
Spring is the period of transformation, color, and joy, therefore the decor of the room in this style is very relevant. Here are some room decor ideas:

  • manufacturing and restoration of candlestick lampshades using paper in the form of butterflies;
  • wall cladding with the same bright butterflies, an integral attribute of spring;
  • creation of birds on pendants from salt dough;
  • room decor from bright unusual birdhouses;
  • drawing of branches on furniture harmoniously passing to walls or ceiling;
  • the original decoration of a vase – silk threads;
  • print on the wall in the form of blooming flowers and trees;
  • decoration of furniture with drawings on spring motifs;
  • a picture with flowers of their own making;
  • spring clock made of salt dough.

Summer DIY room decor

DIY summer room decor is very relevant. I will show you the great ideas for room decor.
Wooden sticks for ice cream need to be wrapped on both sides with colored tape, and between the two stripes write what you plan to do in the summer. Such sticks will look great in a bright glass on any table.

Bright beautiful cardboard donuts on the wall. It is worth cutting out the circles, decorating them as you wish and hanging them on the wall using an ordinary rope.

Decorate practical plastic containers with artificial bright colors by sticking buds. It will be bright in summer and very convenient for using and storing various items. Such room decor will fill the interior with colors and a good mood by the summer.

Flowers in the interior

When purchasing new plants in a room, few people think about how to properly position and combine them. But thanks to correctly selected compositions, you can hide flaws or form bright impregnations in the interior.
Flowers in the interior

Indoor flowers

Indoor plants in the interior visually expand the room, create a special atmosphere and allow you to divide the space of the apartment.

Whether you use natural or artificial flowers, they should be suitable for:

  • interior and furniture;
  • the dimensions of the room;
  • style.

How to choose indoor plants for the house

When purchasing plants for design, it is first necessary to consider whether you can create optimal conditions of detention and take time to care for them. For the flowers in the interior of the apartment to become an adornment, they must be selected based on the style of the room.

Under hi-tech, you need to purchase simple houseplants with leaves of the correct form, directed upwards.

If the design uses elegant furniture made of expensive wood, with elements of marble, steel, glass, then plants of distinct forms will look beautiful.

Under the furniture of English and French styles, lushly flowering and bushy species are ideal.

Camellia, azaleas, roses will help to add a romantic mood.

Those who are primarily interested in clean air, you can opt for aloe, and abandon the cultivation of lilies.

An important role is played by the background. Under the wallpaper with a small pattern, large-leaved varieties are suitable.

Plants that repeat the color of wallpaper, curtains or upholstery look very impressive.
The black and white contrasting interior is well refreshed by bright plants.

Popular plants in the interior

The most common flowering houseplant in the interior of the house is an orchid. It fits into various styles, thanks to the nobility and restraint of lines, an abundance of colors. Fans of live decor often acquire palm trees, ficus, and monstera. Green anthuriums and hippeastrum are also popular.

Yucca is often placed in living rooms and kitchens. They have a powerful stem that blends perfectly with minimalist stylizations. In the nursery, you can often find violets. They can replace the ionizer, as they moisturize the air well. In the nursery, you should not have cacti.


DIY room decor is a real bridgehead for a fantasy flight, unlimited by anything. You can use any improvised means to decorate the room, which is very economical. Room decor – show your creativity in decorating your home!