Interior designer making hand drawing pencil sketch of a bathroom. Interior design projects concept

There are many home renovation projects you can do. With a simple walk around your home, you’ll be able to identify areas that you need to work on. One of those areas could be your bathroom. It’s one of the most underrated parts of a home, but it’s certainly not the least important. 

Modernizing your bathroom can actually make it a lot more comfortable and inviting. After all, your bathroom should be a space where you can enjoy some quiet time and privacy. 

You can trust a contractor like Easy Bathroom to transform your bathroom into one that’s not only beautiful but also functional. But before you hire one, you’ll need to pick a style. There are a lot of brilliant designs you’ll find inspiring. You can narrow them down based on factors, such as your budget, bathroom size, and preference. 

Once you’ve selected one, do your research on ideas that you can incorporate when you renovate your bathroom. Below are some you can check out.

Have Double Of Everything

Double mirrors and double sinks. In the past, not a lot of homeowners thought of going this route since it’s more of a trend today. In fact, it’s becoming common in many modern homes. If your space permits it, then have double of almost all the main fixtures. Double fixtures will look great anywhere, be it the master, shared, or Jack and Jill bathroom.

The whole idea of having double of everything is being time-efficient. Many people live busy lives, so if there are many household members, you’ll find the extra sink convenient. Couples, in particular, love the idea of having a his-and-hers setup, so they can enjoy using their own space.

Bring In Plants

If there’s any design trend that has entered modern homes, it’s having more indoor plants. Nowadays, you’ll see houseplants even in the bathroom.

Plants are the perfect addition to a contemporary bathroom, as they bring life to the space. If your bathroom is well-ventilated with windows around, then all the more reason you should include plants.

For those who don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. You can go for artificial plants instead. 

Keep The Design Minimal

Another design idea that resonates well with modern and contemporary homes is the minimalist style. This means having a clutter-free and simple setup. As opposed to open cabinets from the past, bathroom cabinets are now closed and opaque.

Bathroom countertops are also usually long and free of unnecessary toiletries. Items that can be placed in drawers are kept out of sight. Only a few essentials are displayed, plus lovely touches like a potted plant.

The whole minimalist concept is all about stress-free, modern living. Designers want to make it easy for homeowners to maintain their homes. They recognize the fact that individuals today have an active lifestyle. With a minimalist design, cleaning and maintaining a simple but elegant bathroom is a piece of cake.

Repaint With Light And Bright Colors

Light and bright colors include neutrals. Don’t go for hues that are too bright, as they’re rather outdated. Modern designs emphasize sleek and clean lines, and that can be achieved through light and bright colors in your bathroom.

If you’re not a big fan of plain white walls, you can choose soft colors like beige or earth tones that make for a breezier look—like those that you see at resorts.

Add Sufficient Storage

Modern bathrooms offer enough storage, so there’s no need to keep toiletries on sinks and countertops. The whole concept of minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean depriving yourself of toiletries and other essentials. Rather, it’s about having a place or a home for everything.

When you incorporate this concept in your bathroom, you have to be strategic with the design process, so you can maximize the space you have. Provide enough drawers and cabinets, without making the bathroom look smaller or over the top.

Wall cabinets and under-the-basin drawers are popular with modern bathroom designs. These features allow you to utilize any extra space your bathroom may have.

Use Pebble Tiles

Pebble tiles are common at many resorts. They’re non-porous, and they don’t attract mold, making them great for bathrooms. They’re a small but lovely touch that will enhance your bathroom’s appearance. 

Go for white and black pebbles since they’re ideal to place under sinks, by the shower drains or to frame a bathtub if you have one. You can pair them with indoor plants to achieve a contemporary style and a luxurious look. Now, every trip to your bathroom will feel like a retreat. 

Replace Outdated Lighting

Lighting is everything. It’s that facet of a room that can add drama and dimension. That’s something you’ll see in modern bathrooms, unlike in older ones where you just have basic light fixtures.

Light fixtures that look outdated or worn out negatively affect the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. You can modernize it in an instant by simply switching to a modern style.

A helpful tip you can follow is to choose warm white or yellow tones instead of the usual white lights. Once you add them, you’ll be surprised by the change in ambience of your bathroom. 

Like other elements in interior design, lighting can turn your space into something that’s both strikingly modern and relaxing.

Hang Artwork

Displaying artwork on bathroom walls wasn’t something that was done in older bathrooms. Art pieces were mostly seen in areas, like the living room, hallways, and foyers. But these days, many modern bathrooms feature unique works of art.

So, if you have a big blank wall somewhere in your bathroom, hang an artwork that you admire or even your own painting or sketch. 

Final Thoughts

Some think that it’s unnecessary to renovate the bathroom since it’s expensive and time-consuming. However, a revamp will not only make it look modern but also easier and more comfortable to use. You’ll come across many gorgeous designs you’re bound to fall in love with. Pick the one that appeals to you the most and consider incorporating some of these brilliant ideas when you remodel your bathroom.