When you make plans to remodel a desert home, plenty of fun options become available to you. Plan your design with the unique climate in mind, so you can make the most of its beauty while keeping the heat out and staying comfortable. Here are eight design ideas for modern desert interiors so you can enjoy living in the desert as much as possible.

Highlight Gorgeous Views

If you have a desert home, chances are you appreciate the local scenery. Here’s your chance to emphasize it even when indoors. There are plenty of ways to highlight the outdoors from inside your home. Updating your windows will brighten up a house and make it appear more spacious. Find kitchen remodel designers near me to find the best locations for windows in your home.
Highlight Gorgeous Views

Use Window Tints or Shades

No matter what kind of amazing hills and rock formations you can see from your window, you probably want to do your best to keep things cool and lower your electricity bill. Modern desert interiors often feature large windows to take advantage of all the light. Add a tint or covering to keep the house much cooler and keep out damaging ultraviolet rays.

Take Color Cues from the Landscape

Southwestern decor often heavily features reds, oranges, browns and tan. Whether your decor is modern minimalist or whimsically bohemian, you can find ways to integrate colors that flatter the surrounding land. Warm tones will enhance the desert feel in your home and reflect light. Get help from interior designers Palm Springs for specific advice.

Add Shaded Areas Outdoors

During the day, the sun can get harsh overhead. If you add shade via an awning or porch, the yard will become much more hospitable for casual lounging. Keep the sun off your chairs and outdoor furniture with different shade options.

Install a Water Feature

Install a Water Feature
Contrast with the dry, sandy landscape around you by bringing in a fountain or bubbling water feature. The sound of running water is soothing after a long day, and the water will look refreshing against the backyard decor.

Use Flattering, Durable Materials

When you update flooring, whether indoor or outdoor, make sure to take into consideration how the materials will age in the sun. Sturdy and natural materials like stone tend to fare best in the heat and constant sun exposure they are likely to receive.

Consider an Open Plan

In the desert, design is all about keeping things light and airy. Fewer walls and closed doors will create a modern feel and help you make the most of your space. An open plan home also helps circulate air, reducing the need to run the air conditioning all day long.

Bring in Native Plants

Desert gardens and yards don’t need to be sparse and bare of all plant life. Though you might want to avoid planting a full green lawn that will suck up water, you can try native plants that are built to withstand the alternating hot and cold so common in desert life.
Bring in Native Plants
Try some of these ideas to best enjoy the desert landscape around you when you’re remodeling your home. Get the help of a local interior designer for advice that’s tailored to your home.