Most of the time we spend in the bedroom, and the right room decor, fresh air and a healthy atmosphere affect our sleep. Here are some practical recommendations on how to make a night’s rest even better.

1. Create an atmosphere

Pleasant music, light, smells (lavender, ylang-ylang, vanilla) – that creates the mood for a good rest. It is important to remove everything superfluous from the room and not to allow any mess there.
Create an atmosphere

2. Fresh air for good rest.

It would be nice to keep the window open in the bedroom all the time, Camilla Moln from Beezzly says – except when the air conditioner or air purifier is running in the summer. It is also important to have a humidifier at home when heating is turned on in winter. It is better to sleep in a cool atmosphere. Body resting better when it is cold.

3. Wear a sleeping mask

Studies shows that the deepest sleep is in total darkness. Therefore, if the curtains do not block all the street light, and the cars light can awake you, pick up a good mask for sleeping.

4. Turn off the blue light

Ours life rhythm consists of cycles of 60–90 minutes, and one cycle before bedtime would be nice to stop using a smartphone, tablet and computer.

In addition, the blue glow interferes the production of melatonin.
Turn off the blue light

It is in a sleep that the brain “reboots”, a good night’s rest helps the regeneration of all body systems, the production of the important hormone melatonin, as well as the normal functioning of the endocrine system, all of it depends on good sleep.

5. Decorate the bedroom in a right way

Gray or light lilac walls create a relaxing atmosphere, you can also use blue and lime colors. The same goes for accessories. The main thing is no bright flashy colors.

6. Put flowers in your bedroom

A pair of flower pots on the windowsill is another way to create a relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom.
Put flowers in your bedroom

7. Listen to the white noise

If you sleep lightly, perhaps a white noise can calm you down and set you up for a good rest. You can also listen to relaxing music.

8. Avoid synthetics fabric

Synthetic bedding can lead to overheating and can create discomfort. Cotton and linen are best. Remember to wash the bed at 60 degrees to destroy all germs.