Green plants always keep your house happy and alive and become an essential part of your family. So if you want to relocate to a new destination then you need to know home plants relocation tips, because they are as sensitive as your beloved possessions and they also take some time to adjust in your new location. For more information on how to hire the right mover, you can read this post about important things to consider when choosing a moving service.

Moving house plants from one place to another isn’t so difficult, but you need to give special attention and care for packing your precious household and fragile items. You can also hire a reliable moving company for taking professional assistance so that your house plants can be shifting to your new destination with help of Professional Packers and Movers in Mumbai without getting any damages or losses.

Things You Need to Consider Before Your Moving:

  • Time of Relocation

You need to think about the time of relocation. If you want to shift to your new location then avoid the summer season because due to too much heat the roots of the plants may be damaged.

  • Trim your Plants little bit

If you are moving to a far distance then your plants may need more energy and water to survive during the relocation. So you should cut the dry branches and leaves to reduce the water and energy consumption and it will help your plants to survive more in the extreme conditions.

  • Place your plants in a closed plastic container

Repot your plant to plastic containers as those are less in weight and easy to carry. If you use the normal clay pots there may be a chance of getting cracks and at last damage to your plant.

  • Water your plants before 2 days

You should water your plants at least before 2-3 days so that the moisture of your plants will remain constant.

  • Pack your plants properly

Your plants should be packed properly with quality packing materials or you can use old clothes like a bedsheet, table clothes etc.

Spray flask is a good option to maintain the moist of your fragile plants.

  • What you’ll need to pack your plant
  1. A hard moving box for each pot (small boxes are best so they don’t move around)
  2. Plastic pots to replace clay pots during relocation
  3. Sterilized soil for potting
  4. Newspaper or Packing paper
  5. Bubble Wraps for packing the boxes
  6. Plastic bags and ties
  7. Tissue papers

How to Pack Your Plants Properly For Relocation

  • Place a plastic pot or bag over the clay pot and tie it at the base to store the soil.
  • Apply adhesive tape at the bottom of the box well, then put the plant inside.
  • Fill in extra space with packing paper or wrinkled newspaper to prevent damages.
  • Make small holes on the both sides of the box so that the air can flow easily and the plants can breathe.
  • Label the box accordingly.

Why Do You Need Professionals Assistance?

As you have to relocate with your entire house-holds to a new location there may be a chance that you can not pay attention to your fragile plants. The simple reason to hire a professional mover like Packers and Movers is you can get suggestions about relevant info and some plant relocation tips and they are well experienced in this field and they can handle your plants as well as your house-holds properly.

Things You Need To Do After Your Relocation

Give your plants time to adapt to a new environment

Immediately after reaching the new location remove the packing box by which it is packed, pour some water onto them. If you have relocated them by keeping them in plastic pots give at least a week before you put them into clay pots. Moving is very hard on plants they need to adjust as per your new environment and conditions. So don’t overstress them by changing their places again and again.

We hope the above-discussed tips for shifting home plants will assist you to provide enough cares and proper attention during your relocation. You can also hire a reliable shifting service which can assure you to move your home-plants without any damage by using proper packing materials and professional service.