Decorating or redecorating the living area of the house sounds very familiar to us but how many people think about their messy bathroom vanity makeover? After some years every bathroom vanity changes its look and that is the time you need to re-decorate your bathroom vanity to keep the glaze stay forever. So, are you bored with your messy bathroom vanity and looking for some easy but effective way to give it a new look? Worry not, we are here to suggest you some best bathroom vanity makeover ideas.

Let’s get started.

Messy Bathroom Vanity Makeover Ideas

1. Paint The Wall

Paint The Wall
Do you know what makes the bathroom vanity look grotty the most? It’s the wall of your bathroom vanity. Not to mention, painting the wall for the very first time can’t hold up the same elegance outlook for years. So, it’s a good idea to get your walls painted with a new color to break the monotonous look. Undoubtedly, it helps great to give the bathroom vanity a new look.

2. Modify Your Sink

First of all, remove everything you kept on the sink and clean it really well to remove all the dirt and stain marks from it. Now, it’s time to give it a new look. And to do so purchase marble papers and fixes it on your sink. Your sink will look just like a new one.

3. Bathroom Mat

Dirty mats are a big reason to make your bathroom vanity look ugly. Remove the old one and add a new. Try to get a unique designed and comfortable mat.

4. Changing the Mirror

Changing the Mirror
Entering the bathroom vanity every time our eyes be on is the mirror first. So, here you can get a classy wooden, antique or cane mirror. Else, you can just paint the old one or burnish it if its wood made.

5. Lighting Placements

Lighting plays the most important role to make the bathroom vanity look elegant. Purchase some beautiful wall lamps and fix them beside the mirror. You can also go for the beauty-lights to place them on the mirror. These lights are trending now.

6. Declutter the Cabinet

Cabinet, the messiest place of the bathroom area. To sort it out, add some small-holder to keep all the small things in it. Also, you can keep a small vase on its shelf for the beautification.

7. Arrange the Cluttered Stuff

Arrange the Cluttered Stuff
Small things increase cabinet clutter. Arrange products according to their need to avoid cluttered cabinet. Make the arrangement good enough to maintain for a long time.

8. Floating Furniture

You can add a small floating cabinet at any corner of the bathroom vanity as they look absolutely classy and standard.

9. Get a Dust Collector

Get a dust collector and keep it in a corner. When there is no dust collector in the bathroom vanity we often through dusts here and there and that make the area messy.
Get a Dust Collector


Re-decorating a messy bathroom vanity is not a tough job. It’s just tracing the problems and fixing them out using new ideas. And with the ideas suggested up are no doubt very effective to get your bathroom vanity look great.

So, best of luck for your bathroom vanity makeover and thanks for being with us.