Today, you don’t need to call technicians every time you need to fix something in your home, thanks to power tools for home improvement. Whether you like to indulge in DIY projects from time to time or need the convenience of fixing repairs on your own, the job always gets done as long as you have the right home improvement power tools. Plus, it saves you money and time. However, most homeowners’ trouble is that they end up having the wrong power tools that may not be suitable for home improvement projects. Power tools do not come cheap, so it’s best to ensure you know where to shop and what to shop beforehand. Below is a list of the essential power tools you need to facilitate your DIY home renovation projects.


A drill is one of the must-have power tools in your home. Drills are machines fitted with a cutting tool and are used for boring holes in different materials or fastening different parts together. There are two types of drills; cordless and corded drills. It’s best that you know the difference between the two types of drills before you visit your local hardware supply store like Mississauga Hardware to get one. Cordless drills are the modern form of the old drills. They use rechargeable batteries, and because of the advanced technology, they can last longer and do many jobs. Usually, cordless drills have one fully charged backup battery so that if the first one shuts down, the backup battery keeps the drill working until the first one fully recharges.

On the other hand, corded drills have cords to enable them to get power from the main directly, so you don’t need to recharge them. The modern corded drills have the same features as the cordless drills. A corded drill comes in handy if you will be using it for longer durations, but a cordless one is suitable for small and quick fixes.

Screw gun

If you have ever tackled a DIY project that requires you to join dozens of screws, wood, or metal material together, then you know that a power tool such as a screw gun is a must have in your store. You may have thought of using a drill to fasten the screws, but that may not be effective. The reason being, drills do not have variable speeds, and again they are too heavy to hold for long periods. That way you get tired even before you have finished your work. That is why you need a lightweight screw gun for fastening screws.


If you enjoy solving puzzles with woodworks, you need a jigsaw to create incredible designs. Since it cuts the wood in the edges, it can create curved shapes. If it has the right blades, you can use it to cut wood, metal, drywall, and fiberglass materials. For DIY enthusiasts, their power tools store is not complete without a jigsaw. The price will differ from one hardware store to another, but it is fair enough not to break the bank. However, avoid the cheap ones if you want a decent tool that will make precise cuts. So, if you have previously spent more time trying to contour the right cut, get yourself a jigsaw and save more time with precise cuts. It is more likely to be the best power tool in your collection.


A angle grinder comes in handy for smoothening the surface of a material. Instead of using a lot of energy with sandpaper, a grinder does the polishing job perfectly. It uses an abrasive material such as ceramic or mineral to smoothen the surface. You can use it to polish wood, floor, or steel. With a grinder, you can polish a lot of things in your home and create exquisite finishes.

Rotary tool

The idea behind a rotary tool is that it rotates at high speed. Depending on the blur attached, you can do different tasks with it, such as drilling, cutting, carving, routing, sanding, cleaning, polishing, and engraving. It is a small power tool than the drills and hammers, but it can accomplish many tasks. Many people use the rotary tool for engraving designs on wood, but you can find many guides on youtube on the different ways you can use it.


A hammer tool is a favorite one for DIY enthusiasts. The best thing is, other than the good old steel hammers, we have electric hammers today that simplify things. You can find both corded and cordless hammers. Cordless hammers are the most common ones for home improvement works, and many people have them in their homes. The corded hammers are suitable if you need to do long-duration projects; therefore, you need not worry about recharging the batteries.

Paint sprayer

Painting your home is mostly a part of many home improvement projects. Instead of hiring a painter to paint your walls, you can do it yourself with the help of a paint sprayer. You can get a small one for painting in small sections of the big wall or a big one if you want to quicken the painting work. It saves you a lot of costs as you can paint your home on your own.


A home is not complete without a lawnmower. You need to keep your lawn in good condition and as appealing as possible. If you have a home garden, it will look like a bush after a month of neglect. That is dangerous because insects and small animals will see a place to hide, not to mention the mosquitoes which expose you to Malaria. With a lawnmower, you don’t have to worry about finding someone to take care of your lawn. You can do it in no time and keep your property looking as beautiful as always.

Leaf blower

If you have trees around your house, which is a good thing, you may have tiresome work to collect or sweep the leaves daily. A leaf blower blows the leaves and other flying scraps to a single pile so that you can collect them with ease. It simplifies your work, so you don’t have to worry about hiring someone to be cleaning your home environment every day.

The final words

Every home needs a tool kit, and the power tools above-mentioned should be part of it. Investing in the essential power tools for all your home improvement projects saves you money, time, and simplifies your life.