Unless you’re living in an apartment or a bungalow house, most households have a staircase inside their homes. It allows them to access their upper floors, expanding their home and allowing them to enjoy more of what their house has to offer. While they’re useful for every home, they tend to have a simple and plain design that doesn’t help make the room look aesthetic. With that, giving your staircase a makeover might be a great idea.  

Your staircase shouldn’t just be a staircase, but allow it to be something beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. This way, you can give it its own personality while still matching your home’s interior well. With that, listed below are some staircase makeover ideas you might want to try this year: 

Repaint Your Banisters 

One of the things that make up your staircase would be your banisters. These are the vertical features that hold your railings in place. Apart from providing support, they can also help to make your staircase look beautiful. To give your staircase a refreshed look, you might consider updating its color to something that complements your home well.  

Though you can go for regular paint, consider spray paint can also provide you with a smooth, even finish, which helps to improve your banister’s finish. Just ensure that you cover all areas per banister for an even finish. 

Add A Runner 

If you’re currently happy with your existing staircase and just looking for something that could help magnify its beauty, you might want to consider adding a runner. With this, you don’t have to do a major renovation, but rather just attach a runner and allow your staircase to have a complete makeover. Plus, it can also help promote safety as you can prevent slips.  

Select a color that matches well with your home’s interior when adding a runner. You can go for plain or patterns to give your stairs a great definition. Just ensure that you attach them well to avoid accidents and people slipping from a loose attachment. 

Repaint Your Risers 

A regular staircase usually has a riser that helps to provide additional support to each tread. In most cases, they’re in a plain color, usually white. While they can help to make your stairs look bright and light, going for a creative color would surely be a great choice.  

For your risers, you might want to consider repainting them with a different color. Alternatively, you can attach the wallpaper to give them a great look and personality. Just ensure that you go with a color scheme that matches your home’s interior well.  

Include An Artistic Wall Design       

When it comes to staircase makeover, you don’t need to focus solely on working with what you hold and step on, but with what your eyes can see as well. In most households, a staircase is usually attached to one side of the wall for maximum support and space efficiency. If your home has this kind of staircase, it’ll be best if you could include an artistic wall design.  

For your wall design, it’ll be great if you could use multiple frames and place them strategically on your walls. Using various sizes would surely be helpful to give your wall décor a beautiful definition. Alternatively, you can paint one side of the wall with bold color or use fun wallpaper for an enjoyable ambiance.  

Replace Railings With Glass 

A staircase would almost never be complete without proper railings as it supports people going up and down the stairs. However, if you’d like to give your stairs a definition by adding some personality to them, you might want to consider replacing them with glass.  

Glass railings help to make the staircase a part of the room while also making the room look brighter and wider. However, ensure that you provide proper precautions, especially if you have children and seniors around.  

Create A Floating Staircase Illusion 

If you have enough money, going for a floating staircase illusion would be the perfect staircase makeover you should try this year. With this, you’ll be removing your stair risers and allowing your staircase to look like it’s floating in the air.  

Ideally, you should use a thread that matches well with your home’s interior for a seamless look. To provide a completely floating illusion, you might also want to remove the railings. However, this won’t be recommended if you have seniors and children, as they need the railings for maximum support.  

Affix An Indoor Garden 

If your staircase has an L- or U-shape design, you might want to use the space below as something that could help make the room look attractive. While adding some decorative touches would be great, going for an indoor garden fixture would bring your staircase design to a different level.  

There are plenty of indoor garden designs that you can choose to have. You can even add a small pond or fountain to make the area look more one with nature. Just ensure that you use the right indoor plants that’ll match well with your home’s sunlight and humidity. 

Add A Vase On Landing 

For your L- or U-shaped staircase, it’d be great if you could add a vase on its landing. This way, you can allow your staircase to be free from being plain and simple but allow your stairs to have a special personality to it.  

However, a vase on the landing would only be ideal if you have a wide staircase to keep it from being empty-looking and dull. Moreover, you should choose a vase that won’t take up too much space and still allows you to get up and down comfortably.  

Extend Railings With Tubular Steel Rails 

If you have enough budget, you might want to consider replacing your railings with something that extends to your ceilings. This way, your home can look taller while also giving an additional wall space, making your home look structural and large. 

When extending your railing to your ceilings, it’d be helpful if you could use tubular steel rails for an industrial finish. For a robust look, you can paint it with a matte black color, allowing it to match well with the home’s interior.  


Your home’s staircase shouldn’t just be another thing inside your house where you allow it to be plain and simple. As you try to squeeze in your creativity, you can enable your staircase to look amazing and beautiful. You can either try replacing your railways with glass or tubular steels, repaint your risers, or add beautiful wall art for a sophisticated look. At the end of the day, go for a design that’ll best match your home’s interior while also giving your home an uplifted look.