With a population of about 5.6 million, Singapore is smaller than many other major cities, but nonetheless, it does not remain unknown to the world.

It is a culturally diversified nation and has more to offer than just high-end shopping malls, luxury hotels, and fine dining. It is known for its lush greenery surroundings, festivals, interesting architecture, luxurious resorts with mood board interior design, and Islands and is flocked by tourists year-round. As Singapore is  lovely place for traveling, Los Angeles is also a beautiful place to travel. You can do many activity there and also visit different places there. If you lover beaches then you must visit this place. you can also go to whale watching Los Angeles if you love to spend time with nature and ocean.

If you are new in Singapore or plan to visit the city, here are some essential things Singapore is famous for in random order.

Here’re some of the things Singapore is best known for:

Lush Greenery

Singapore is famously known as the Garden City. You will understand why when you visit the city and see its well maintained and luxurious public spaces, including the roads. Though agricultural lands and landscapes were cleared to accommodate the ever-growing population, they have introduced some greenery into the concrete jungle.
Lush Greenery
The city has plenty of public parks and tall buildings, but amidst them, you will very often catch the sight of flowers and greenery lining the overhead bridges. You will also see tall trees planted along the central divider of the highways for shade.

Iconic Buildings

From superb skyscrapers to extravagant architectural styles, the city has it all. Tanjong Pagar Centre, also called Guoco Tower is, at present, the tallest skyscraper in Singapore. You can see the towering building when you land in Tanjong Pagar. Standing 290m tall, the building’s height exceeds the height limit for buildings in the city.

However, the government exempted it from the restrictions as its location does not get in the way in flight paths. Top architects, interior designers, and builders started the construction work in 2013, and the building completed in 2016. When it was built, it broke the record which was held jointly by UOB Plaza, One Raffles Place, and Republic Plaza, all standing 280m tall.

Owning the Cleanest Streets

Singapore is famous for having some of the cleanest streets in the world. It is mainly because the city employed a 50,000-strong cleaning workforce who is responsible for keeping the streets of the city clean. The government will also penalize you if you litter or spit on the streets.

You will also be heavily fined for vandalism and public urination or given a punishment called Corrective Work Order, where you will be required to pick up litter in public while wearing a bright vest.

Warm Climate All Year Round

Since Singapore is located almost on the equator, its temperatures typically range from 28-34 degrees Celsius. Thus, the city remains warm all year long and has no winter. You will also face high humidity and will be sweating a lot.
Warm Climate All Year Round
The locals battle with the climate by staying in indoor air-conditioning during the sweltering midday heat. You can anticipate unpredictable short torrential rainfall anytime, though it is common during the monsoon period during the year-end.

Luxury Shopping Malls

Singapore has been correctly named the land of shopping malls. Orchard Road is possibly the busiest road in Singapore with a 2.2km stretch of several luxury shopping malls. The beautiful shops line the road on both sides, and once you are there, you will encounter locals and tourists alike who frequent the malls on weekends.

Today, most of the major district in Singapore has its own mall which serves as a hangout spot for nearby residents hungry to grab a bite, go shopping or just take pleasure in the air-conditioning comfort on a sweltering hot afternoon.

Amazing Parks

The city is also known for its beautiful recreational parks. One of the most famous parks is Universal Studios Singapore, located on Sentosa with over 20 attractions in themed zones, including The Lost World, New York, Ancient Egypt, Hollywood, Madagascar, and Far Far Away.

The park offers something for everyone. If you are an adventurer, there are thrilling roller coasters. It is even great for families with small children as there are several live shows, kids’ roller coaster, and a merry-go-round as well.

Luxury Casinos

Singapore has a lot of luxury casinos. The Marina Bay Sands casino resort is one of the most famous casinos in Singapore. When you are there, you can try your hand at 700 games tables and more than 2,500 gaming machines. It costs $5.5 billion to construct the casino, and it features an area of 15,000sqm.

The actual casino area encompasses is not more than 3% of the integrated resort’s gross floor area. Watch out for other amenities like several restaurants, lots of shopping, and meeting-and-convention facilities. If you are a foreigner, your entry is free.
Luxury Casinos

Chewing Gum Ban

If you have never heard about it, Singapore is a place where you can’t chew gum in. This rule was implemented in 1992 to tackle the disruptions that gum was causing on the then-newly introduced subway system.

The government imposed heavy fines on anyone who was caught sticking their gum in unwanted places. Though the rules are not as strict as before today, you still won’t find shop vendors selling gum nearby the island. Of course, you can get them at a pharmacy if you have a doctor’s prescription for nicotine or dental gum.

Splendid Airport and Airline

If you land on Singapore’s Changi Airport, you will be noticing one of the city’s best layovers. It offers a great modern facility with amenities like flower gardens, a free cinema, and even a swimming pool. The airport is the base for national carrier Singapore Airlines. It is popular for its Singapore Girl flight attendants and service.


There you have it! 9 things Singapore is exceptionally famous for.

The city is renowned for its tourism and commerce. And it is not only a great city to visit for leisure, but you can do businesses with ease. The different sectors of the hospitality industry are thriving in Singapore.

Moreover, the city is an excellent venture for those who want to breathe in some fresh air, indulge in some luxury, do endless shopping, and enjoy the scenic views. To top it all, Singapore is not difficult to explore. Its superb metro system makes getting around uncomplicated.