Many of the things we do on a daily basis take place in the kitchen, including cleaning, cooking, drinking, eating, and socializing. This is the exact reason why having a functional and gorgeous kitchen is so crucial. No matter what kitchen design you choose, the layout and organization are two essential things to keep in mind.

Be Aware of the Kitchen Triangle

When you talk to a kitchen design professional, you will hear about the kitchen triangle. This means the stove, sink, and refrigerator, which are the three areas where the most activity happens. Designing a solid triangle will ensure you get unobstructed access in the space each day. Consider that the sink is where the most activity occurs, but the stove and fridge are both also important.
Be Aware of the Kitchen Triangle

Avoid Wasting Storage Space

Most people have a lot of items in their kitchen, and some of them are oddly shaped like stand mixers and food processors. When built-ins can be expensive and you might have limited space, a mistake can be to include limited storage. If you have a small kitchen, using long upper cabinets can help make your kitchen more practical. Lighting and greenery on the moulding can also be used to draw the eyes upward.

Incorporate Plenty of Counter Space

When you hear complaints about kitchen design, one of the most common is a lack of counter space. There are all sorts of things that happen on a counter and many appliances are located there. That means having extra surface space is one of the best things you can do. You can revolutionise your living by adding a breakfast bar or an island to an L-shaped kitchen.
Incorporate Plenty of Counter Space

Pay Attention to Your Lighting

In order to enjoy a functional kitchen, having good lighting is essential. This includes general lighting to keep the space bright as well as accent and task lighting. Consider the different work areas in the kitchen and add spot lighting as needed. Pendant lights can add beauty while ensuring you have the light you need to get things done.

Maybe you don’t think a lot about kitchen design, but doing it right can make your life much more comfortable. Even if you don’t want to make significant changes, taking one or two of these tips and implementing them can change the way your day goes. As time goes on, you can always make additional changes.