Summer is in the air, and this is the season when you can expect your AC to work full force. However, there is nothing as frustrating as an air conditioner acting up, especially if the day is hot and humid. When you are unsure about what to do next, you can always call experts in Victoria, Texas, to help you with the repairs. Learn more about humid air on this page.

However, before you pick the phone up or contact a technician, you can try some troubleshooting steps first to solve the problem. The steps below may or may not solve the problem but knowing them beforehand and if one makes your AC start working, then you will save time and money in the process. Another thing is it is not recommended to mess around with the parts and electrical wirings of your unit as you may damage your appliance, so do not hesitate to call for help if you already need it.

Repairs for AC that is shutting down by Itself

1. Check for Tripped Circuit Breakers

The experts in Victoria, Texas, advised checking the electronics and the panel to see tripped circuit breakers. If too many appliances are plugged into them, it can cause a circuit overload that no one will want. Check the fuse boxes carefully and see if someone accidentally turned off the circuit breaker. Flip this back on and observe the other appliances.

  • If all the appliances shut down, you may be dealing with a power outage, and you may need the electricity to come back.

2. Check the Settings of the Thermostat

If you have a unit that is turning on and off at intervals, you may want to inspect the thermostat to see if it is set to automatic or auto. If the numbers are set to auto, the temperature will only start to cool down after it has risen past a specific number on the thermostat. If someone has developed this into automatic mode, this can be the reason your unit is turning on and off at the most inconvenient time.

  • It is efficient for many homeowners to set their thermostat to automatic when cooling or heating a room. If you feel uncomfortable with this, feel free to make some adjustments.

3. Thermostats that Will not Turn On

Read the manuals and the instructions to know more about taking off the faceplate. Usually, you can pry open a tiny lip on the covers using your hands in most brands. If you can do this, try to replace the thermostat batteries, put the lid on, and see if they will turn on. Try to replace the batteries and see if they are going to turn on once again.

  • If there are issues with the electricity in Victoria, Texas, know that you may have to wait until they are fixed. When the problem is in your home, call an electrician immediately or an HVAC professional to resolve these.

Messed up Airflow

1. A Change of Filters

Sometimes, your appliance turns on, but the air feels uncomfortable. This may be because of a dirty air filter. If you don’t have a removable filter that you can clean like those found in window units, it’s best to call a technician for AC repair in Victoria, TX to remove the grime, dirt, and dust on them. These are the accessories that you need to replace at least once every three months.

  • With a central air conditioning system, the filters are usually located at the return line in the duct. Some ductless systems have reusable filters that can be found near the condenser at the outside unit. The window-type models usually have filters at the front and behind their grates.

2. Checking the Ducts and Vents for Possible Blockage

If there are obstructions with the ducts or the front of the vents, this can disrupt the overall function of the air conditioning system. You can take a stroll outside of your home and make sure that everything is unobstructed and clear. Rearrange the furniture whenever necessary and sweep away the dried leaves and twigs.

  • You may see debris around the condenser unit or weeds that are starting to grow. You have to clear these away because they can occasionally become a source of the problem if not addressed.

What to Do When the AC Does Not Blow Cooler Air?

1. See if the filters have been changed or they are still Dirty

Swapping out the old air filters with the new ones may help because these parts can mess with your appliance’s ability to blow out the cooler air. Try to see if this will resolve the issue and if you have reusable filters, clean them with soap and water before placing them again on your window unit.

2. Inspect the Refrigerant

If you have a split or central AC system, you may want to check the giant pipe that leads to the condenser. If the appliance is on and you see ice starts to form on the outside of the tube, give it some time to thaw by shutting everything off. If the same issue occurs again, you might be already running low with the refrigerant, and it is time to call an HVAC contractor for a refill.

3. Clean the Condenser Coils of the Outside Unit

Remove garbage and dirt that surrounds the condenser outside. If you notice some leaves or debris stuck in the fins, it will help if you could remove this with a broom or by hand. Grab a hose and do some spraying on the condenser unit itself. Keep rinsing with the help of the water until it is clear. The dirty coils may occasionally pose a problem by disrupting the airflow. You may feel that the vents seem to be blowing in warm air instead of out.

  • Clean the coils on your window unit if you know how to open the lid. If you are unsure about how to clean this type of AC, you can always call a professional contractor in Victoria, Texas, to help you out.