Home security is a hot topic these days. Many people have their own myths about home security, and this article will discuss some of these misconceptions and debunk them. This will give you a better overview of what you should be expecting from a home security system, as well as provide ideas on how you can better protect and safeguard your home.

#1: Burglaries Only Happen During The Night

Many people believe that burglars and thieves only attack during the night. Based on Alarm Industry Research and Education Foundation’s 2014 report, the majority of burglaries happen during the day on weekdays. Why is that? Burglars know that this is the perfect time of the day that people aren’t at home – whether at school or at work.

The truth is, burglars may attack either night or day – they choose the time to their advantage and sneak into your homes. Never underestimate how thieves plan their attack. This is why everybody should be careful as break-ins may occur no matter what time of the day or night.

#2: Living In Rural Areas Is Safer

Another myth that has been debunked by a 2013 study. It has been shown that crimes, accidents, and burglaries are 20% higher in rural areas than those in larger cities. This common perception has been going around for years, but studies have proven otherwise.

#3: Burglars Don’t Mind Your Security Signs

Home Safety Fast Facts has noted that more than 80% of burglars do not attempt to break into a home that has a security system sign. They would look for a different target and wouldn’t take the risk of triggering an alarm.

With that being said, thieves are looking for soft targets – people and homes that do no have any security systems installed. Their goal is to get into a home, get everything they could in 60 seconds and leave. If it takes more than 60 seconds, they wouldn’t break-in and find a soft target instead.

#4: Burglars Use High-Tech Gadgets

It makes sense – we see it in the movies. Burglars use different high-tech gadgets and they usually have a blueprint and a set plan. The truth is, most burglars are impulsive and inexperienced. They tend to just get in and out, which makes them even more dangerous because they are erratic. This is why a working security system and an additional safeguard measure is important for every home.

#5: Burglars Won’t Come Back Once They’ve Visited Your Home

Wrong. Successful burglaries mean that they were able to get in and out of the home without getting caught, which means that they can do it again easily the second time around. They may do this if they have seen other valuables that they weren’t able to get the first time around.

What Did We Learn Today?

By now, you have a good understanding of what these common home security myths are, giving you an idea of how you can safeguard your home.

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