Home improvement is necessary for living a standard life. Man improves its skills with the passage of time from Stone Age to modern age. Home is the place that shows someone’s personality and its natural phenomena that when a person lives in a place he makes that place for living by improving it.


First of all, person needs money to purchase anything whether used in home or for them. Customers make a budget for a month before investing in anything for the home decoration and improvements that’s why it is very necessary to improve the quality of the home appliances at a reasonable price. Affordable things are usually preferred by the middle class because they have budget for a month. So we can say that ideas cannot improve the conditions of the house rather than accessibility to those items is necessary as well for the improvements of the home. Customer satisfaction survey indicates that only those items are used by customers which are affordable for them.


In any business customer’s satisfaction has an essential place and to know about customer opinion companies run surveys. it help customers as well to know about company/store, things, services etc. In general survey is primary method of data collection from people. Many business dealing companies like Nexia, Next door etc. take help from Snipon. Through Snipon survey  millions of people have a common platform. This is enough to know about the feedback of any product or company/store. Through survey business dealers have a platform where they also have competition. It also provides opportunity to consumers to have best quality affordable product from dealers.

This is a tool that is equally beneficial for both the clients as well as the service providers. Both parties can express their opinions, concerns and feelings about various affordable home improvements through these surveys so that the gap between the parties can be bridged and they can work together in an efficient manner.


Tips for the improvement

  • Interior designing.
  • Usage of the good quality wooden material for doors
  • Use of the tiles instead of cemented floor.
  • Use of the less electricity consumable lights for lightning the rooms in the home.
  • Use of dishwasher for water conservation.
  • Renovation with paints.
  • Usage of low cost stair runner.
  • Wall printing is more affordable than paints for rooms.
  • Addition of cabinets for different purposes in the rooms.
  • Usage of copper wires for wiring.
  • Usage of closets.
  • Add molding.
  • Update handles of the cabinets.
  • Add more seating area outside.
  • Alerting alarm clock used for the prevention against the robbery.
  • Repairing of the furniture, valves, and taps.
  • Wall decoration with wall papering, sketching arts etc.


Usage of reliable, durable and affordable brands for all the things in which you are invested. It is necessary that one should not waste his money on bad material because if bad material is used in any case then it leads to disasters there are many cases of buildings broken due to bad material used in their making. Customer satisfaction survey reports indicate many mishaps occurred in home due to usage of cheap and indurable material. It is stated as to improve the conditions of the home some affordable improvements are needed to be add if we need to live the life safe and sound at home.