The air ducts in your residence are used for heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) your house. They maintain the temperature of your house as well as the quality of very air you breathe in. Due to this, these ducts must be clean for your house to have better air quality. It can be maintained through a thorough cleaning of air ducts.

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Why air ducts in home need cleaning?

As mentioned, air ducts control the quality of indoor air and the temperature of the house. They are prone to have accumulated dust in the vents too. Especially if you recently remodelled your house. Heavy construction work produces a lot of dust and debris that can be gathered in air ducts and affect the quality of indoor air.

Moreover, some small animals, like rodents, can crawl into the air ducts. When they come in contact with electrical wiring, they die. Such animal carcasses can create the foul smell and even cause some health problems; decreasing the quality of indoor air.

The HVAC system is highly prone and favourable for mould growth, too, especially if you use the cooling system more than the heating system. The conditions inside your air ducts mixed with debris particle are highly prone to mould and once grown these particles become a permanent part of the indoor air.

Benefits of an air duct cleaning:

The main benefit of having your duct system cleaned is healthier air quality; that ultimately leads to a healthier body. The accumulated dust in the duct system is circulated every time the HVAC system is turned on, and it can have serious negative impacts on your health; leading to allergies, sinus and seasonal cold.

The economical benefit of air duct cleaning is that it extends the lifetime of the duct system. Its compressor, blower and pumps are cleaned out and tuned. It ensures their smoother working and decreases their chances of wearing out. Ultimately, from the whole process, you can only save money. It is the money that could potentially go towards your health or tuning process.

Duct cleaning process:

If you’re curious about the duct cleaning process, then its only natural. A negative pressure is applied on ducts to clean it. The supply side of the HEPA vacuum is sealed, and the system is thrown into a negative state. This sucks out all the debris and dust accumulated in the system. The result is often surprising.

After that, it is made sure that all the openings of the duct system are properly sealed off, and if there are any leaks in the system, those are taken care of as well. After that, the HVAC unit, the technical part of the system, including coils and fans, is also cleaned up. The last step ensures that the duct system is thoroughly cleaned and nothing is left.

Thus, having your air duct system cleaned comes with a list of benefits that only works in your favour; in long as well as short run.