Trading in a brick and mortal life for one lived exclusively on the road is challenging and exciting. The exciting bit is that you’ll probably never be in the same place twice. The challenging thing is…well, it’s all a bit of a challenge. Some days, the camper might just not start. On others, you might find there’s no hot water for your shower. You’ll likely find yourselves discovering new and amusing issues every day. Visit for more tips and tricks when traveling with your camper.

So if you’re sitting here searching things like, “how to dustproof my camper,” or “how to get rid of mice in my camper,” you’re in the right place. These are some excellent tips and tricks for how to live in your camper all year round!

Tip #1: Customize your Coach

Customize your Coach
You read that right. Feel free to do some custom work on your coach. Hey, you’re going to be living in it for many many days. You need to make sure that it’s exactly the kind of space you want to spend your days in. You can armor it up, weatherproof it, pest-proof it, and more. The choice is all yours!

Tip #2: Get Possessive about Possesions

You’re living in a camper, which means you don’t have a lot of space to store big stuff. Sure you’ll have big items like a bed, a couch, appliances and more. However, you will need to really pick and choose what items you want to keep in the cramped space. Ideally, you should choose sturdy things that can last a lot of travel on the road and won’t break easily. Maintenance and cleanliness are up to you, of course.

Tip #3: Be Social

Be Social
Don’t panic! If you’re an introvert, this tip isn’t going to force you to make friends with people in other campers. At least directly. However, it’s always best to join a forum full of likeminded people who are also camping out in their campers. This way, you’ll always feel like you have a supportive community behind you. So for example, if you have unique problems concerning pests or other things, you can just speak to your online community and get solutions.

Tip #4: Think About Furry Friends

It’s awesome if you have pets and want them to travel with you. However, you have to really figure out if your current pet can be on the road without getting agitated or aggressive. Bigger pets like dogs tend to chew up upholstery when they’re stressed and/or excited so you need to see whether this is a risk you can take.

Tip #5: Have Fun With it

Have Fun With it
Always remember that living on the road can be incredibly freeing. You’re no longer confined to the shackles of staying in one spot forever. There are always new sights to see, new experiences to catch and a lot of wonder waiting for you on the road. Keep your inner child happy and just have fun while you’re traveling the country at 70mph!

Importance of RV Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your RV, it’s important to remember that it isn’t all about just making sure it’s in tip-top shape. Your RV needs regular maintenance just like your car and house.

There are several ways to ensure your RV is up to date with routine maintenance, including the following:

  • Make sure your RV has a good quality gas tank. Your RV will run a lot smoother when its fuel is fresh and at the right temperature. Keeping the fuel stored in a warm area will ensure it stays full longer.
  • To make sure everything is in proper working order, regularly check the interior of your RV. If there are problems that could possibly require repairs, it’s best to find out right away. If your RV looks damaged or has any signs of a major breakdown, it’s time to start looking at RV maintenance options.
  • Install RV covers to protect your vehicle from natural elements. While driving or camping, you may experience various weather changes, such as rain and snowstorms. Metal RV covers are great to use because they can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and other factors that can affect its performance.
  • If your RV has a leak or a broken pipe, then you need to take care of the problem right away. This is because leaks and other repairs can cause serious damage to your RV.