Moroccan Style

Moroccan style belongs to the eastern direction in interior design. Its peculiarity is finishing mainly with materials of natural colors and an abundance of decor items. Without the stunning carved and painted ceilings, dramatic windows, and architectural arches, actual Moroccan living rooms like this sumptuous one with vibrant pink walls On the other hand, the Moroccan living room has long served as a source of inspiration for designers all around the world, and Moroccan characteristics may be incorporated into any space.
Moroccan living rooms are communal areas with various seating options for gathering with friends and family, such as low-slung wrap-around cushioned sofas with huge coffee tables or many little tables. Additional seating options often include classic Moroccan leather floor poufs, carved wood or sculptural metal chairs, and stools.

Moroccan Interiors

A Moroccan-style house or apartment is packed with carved doors and window shutters, low poufs, sofas, tables, carpets, and pillows. Moreover, these items can be called decorative art, which gives this interior an exceptional oriental luxury. This style is ideal for those that value comfort and aren’t afraid to use bright colors in their homes. If in many types one should adhere to a specific color scheme to not show bad taste, then in the Moroccan style, the more colors there are, the more expressive and original it is.

Morocco Style

Oasis view

Oasis View

Each style has its peculiarity. The highlight of the class, which came from the African country of Some of the rooms in Morocco has a lovely view of the oasis. Such a move will allow you to feel close to nature and give a feeling of additional comfort and peace.It can be a terrace or a cozy living room with large windows from which you can admire the green island of nature. In Morocco itself, gardens in the inner houses of houses serve as such oases. As a rule, the arrangement of such a garden is planned at the stage of construction of the premises, and there are no difficulties with its subsequent performance. But what if you were not lucky enough to become the owner of such a luxurious house and want to keep the interior in this style? The solution is quite simple to find. You can equip the existing garden at home.

Oasis View

If an apartment is decorated in this style, it is quite possible to turn a balcony or loggia into an oasis. This task can be quickly dealt with by placing indoor flowers and plants there. But, if the room in which you want to create the Moroccan style does not have large windows and the opportunity to create an oasis overlooking it, you can use photo wallpaper with pictures of picturesque corners of nature.

Living room in Moroccan style

Living Room

The creation of the Moroccan style begins at the stage of interior decoration of the premises.

Living Room

As conceived by the designer, door and window openings in the walls are designed uniquely, niches with intricate eastern contours are built. The walls are painted with colors close to the shades of natural materials. But, if, for some reason, during the renovation, it was not possible to recreate the atmosphere of the interior in the Moroccan style, or it was not initially planned, and the type was decided to change without resorting to repairs, then this idea is easily feasible. Indeed, to turn an average living room into a Moroccan one, you only need pillows for sofas of various shapes and colors and a low table. And the more decorative elements such as multi-colored pillows and other details reminiscent of the East are in the living room, the more it will be possible to bring it closer to the Moroccan style.

Bedroom in Moroccan style


The bedroom is not much different from the living room. It is also a relaxation room with an abundance of pillows, wood carvings, and metal wrought iron elements.

Canopy bed

A spacious bed can be hung with a canopy, which will allow you to feel all the mystery of oriental fairy tales.


The presence of poufs and sofas is not prohibited. Anything that can make your stay in the room even more comfortable and serene will only emphasize the richness of the style.


The color scheme of the bedroom can also be quite expressive. You can make this room in soothing colors, filling it only with bright decorative elements.

Moroccan style kitchen


In the kitchen, all the same, principles apply as in other rooms. The more bright details and objects, the richer the style.


But there is one more feature that will make the Moroccan-style kitchen even more sophisticated. These are ceramic tiles.

Kitchen Of course, you can use ordinary tiles, but nothing can emphasize the interior and tiles with oriental motives.

Style in details

Living ideas

It is the details that make the Moroccan style so recognizable and unusual. Each of which brings a touch of sophistication and originality. Blackout curtains serve in Morocco to protect from the scorching sun, creating twilight and coolness in the room.


Glazed ceramic tiles are also used in the country where this style was born to protect from the sweltering heat. In our interior, it will become just another bright accent.


Particular attention is paid to forged products. It can be both pieces of furniture and lamps or chandeliers. Each of these details is either made by hand or is very similar to the one that would have been made by ancient artisans, which will add mystery to the room. Oriental arches and stucco moldings in their form are also distinctive features of this style, making it even more refined and distinct. When creating a Moroccan-style interior, don’t be afraid to fill it with colorful handmade items, be it furniture or pillows. After all, it is precisely such details that allow you to feel all the luxury of the East.