Appliance Repair Experts offers you a full range of certified appliance repair services in Winnipeg. Our highly skilled technicians, branded equipment, and hundreds of positive reviews from our customers are the main indicators of our success. Call us now, and soon your appliances will work like clockwork again!

Is it always necessary to call a technician?

Don’t try to solve appliance problems on your own that are beyond your expertise because it’s fraught with further complicating an already unpleasant situation. We recommend you to call technicians even if the issue seems insignificant at the moment. Experience has taught us that seemingly minor problems hide major breakdowns that become more difficult and more expensive to fix if they are delayed over time.

What types of appliances do we fix?

  • Washer. It is almost impossible to successfully fix the washing machine on your own without experience in this area. Therefore, if there are any problems, immediately contact us.
  • Refrigerator. If you find that your fridge is too cold, constantly runs, or does not turn on at all, we recommend that you call our technician to perform appliance repair in Winnipeg as soon as possible.
  • Dishwasher. If the dishwasher does not turn on, does not drain the water, poorly cleans the dishes or in the process of work you hear unusual noises, you should immediately contact a master for repairs
  • Range hood. Hoods are sometimes prone to breakdowns. Our experts will replace the backlight on the device, adjust the power cord, and clean the filters from grease residue.
  • Dryer. Our technicians are highly experienced, which allows us to guarantee the successful repair of dryers, regardless of their brand and model.
  • Oven. If you have problems with the electric stove or gas oven – trust this work to our specialists, who will make every effort to fix it in the shortest possible time.

Stages of our work

Each repair necessarily takes place in several stages:

  • Request. You tell us the type of device and the symptoms of the malfunction;
  • Diagnostics. The master performs diagnostics, during which he establishes the cause of the breakdown;
  • Repair. The master agrees with you on the cost of services, if necessary, makes an order for components and carries out repairs;
  • Checking the serviceability of the device. The technician tests the unit to ensure the fault has been eliminated and that your device is functioning normally.

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