From the 80s and through the 90s, oak was a popular material for cabinets. With the advent of industrial, stained, and painted furniture, typical of the 21st century, the popularity of these drawers came to a standstill. 

With the influences of modernity, homeowners ended up considering the natural oak finish outdated and unfashionable. However, with the resurgence of natural materials in the interior design industry, natural oak kitchen cabinets have made a massive comeback. 

Apart from its durability properties, modern homeowners now prefer oak because of its raw wood grain, which is easy to work on and style. 

In this article, you will discover why oak kitchen cabinets are now in fashion. 

Are Oak Kitchen Cabinets Coming Back in Style?

As I have already observed, oak cabinets are making a massive renaissance in the entire global interior design industry, thanks to the rising popularity of natural materials. While their classic varieties were loved for their simplicity in terms of decorative components, modernized versions of natural oak kitchen cabinets are sophisticated, luxurious, and durable-everything that modern homeowners are looking for. 

Besides the above, there are other reasons for the resurgence of oak cabinets. They include the following. 

  • Practicability of Natural Oak Kitchen Cabinets

From stained to unstained and polished varieties, oak cabinets are cost-effective and easy to use. Because of the durability of oak, these drawers can help you save money in terms of repairs or refurbishments. 

Whether or not you choose red or white oak cupboards, you will find them easy to take care of. Their curved grain pattern makes them rot and dust-resistant and so, easy to clean. Because of their natural appearance, these drawers can fit in different types of kitchens, a fact that makes them the most practical. 

  • Increased Possibilities for Extra Storage

Compared to plastic-designed or laminate-based cupboards, natural wood cabinets come with enhanced possibilities for extra storage. For example, compared to melamine cupboards, natural oak kitchen cabinets are very easy to outfit. 

You can easily redesign them based on the outlook you want, thanks to the ease of working with hardwoods like oak. For example, if you would like to transform the outlook of your old oak cupboards, you can easily achieve your dream design and make your scullery more functional simply by making their closed shelves open.  

Hence, with oak cabinets, you always have multiple possibilities for enhancing the storage capacity of your cabinetry, which is unlike cabinets designed with artificial materials. 

  • The Enchanting Properties of Pristine Wood

Raw wood has natural alluring properties, thanks to its neutrality and boldness. Cabinets made of cut oak are adorned with the pristine aspects of raw wood. They look sleek, sophisticated, and bold. Moreover, hardwoods, including oak, can blend with a myriad of colors not to mention fitting in multiple kitchen designs. 

Whether you go for painted or stained oak cabinets, you will always find more than one reason to find them visually captivating. If you want the visual statement of your scullery to be expressed by natural beauty, just try natural oak kitchen cabinets

Can I Stain Oak Kitchen Cabinets?

Are your oak cabinets fading? If yes, don’t fret. There is something you can do to revive their pristine appearance. To make your natural oak cabinets shine again, you can coat them by applying the right stain on their surfaces along the grain pattern. 

To achieve the perfect results, you should apply two coats of the stain you choose. Generally, the first coat should take at least 2-4 hours to dry, before you apply the second and final coat. 

There is one question that you are more likely to ask yourself when asked to stain your cupboards; is it difficult to stain cabinets?

The answer to that common question is no for applying any type of stain on any type of drawer is as easy as ABC if you follow the essential steps. These include the following. 

#1: Dismantling the cabinetry: You need to disassemble hardware parts like doors and cupboard faces to give room for the application of the stain you have chosen. 

#2; Getting Rid of the Fading Finish: Armed with a medium-grit sandpaper, you should sand out the fading finish from your cabinetry to create a smooth surface that can absorb the new stain. 

#3: Priming the Natural Oak Wood: You need to apply an ideal pre-stain wood conditioner to make it easy for the cabinet surfaces to absorb the stain you intend to apply. If you are not able to access a high-quality pre-stain wood conditioner, sanding filler can help you get the best results. 

#4: Staining: With a gentle cloth or a soft brush, you should apply the stain along the wood grain pattern to allow it to penetrate the cabinet surfaces. 

#5: Re-Assembling the Cabinetry: After the applied stain has dried, you should re-assemble your cabinetry ensuring everything goes back to its original place. 

Trending Natural Oak Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

  • Modern Natural Oak Kitchen Cabinets

From glass doors to metallic hardware, quartz to marble, metallic, and golden countertops, modern natural oak kitchen cabinets are all about lavishness. While their structures are entirely made of natural wood, modern versions of oak cabinets feature a blend of natural and artificial materials. Whether you like them in natural or polished shades of oak wood, modern oak cabinets can make your kitchen fashionable. 

  • Natural Oak Kitchen Cabinets with Open Shelving

Cabinets with opened shelves are common in modern interior design, thanks to the rising fame of kitchens with open layouts. If by any chance your kitchen is small in size but you would want it to seem larger, cabinets with open shelving can do well for you. 

These drawers are widely considered to be very economical based on how they can enhance the availability of storage compartments in a scullery. Oak cabinets with open layouts are currently among the most popular varieties of cabinets on sale. 


Natural oak kitchen cabinets are back in fashion. They come in amazing varieties in terms of design features. These cabinets are not just practical but compatible with many types of kitchens as well. Regardless of the design of your kitchen, it can look gorgeous if you install in it, natural oak cabinets.

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