Say no to sweaty nights with the Avolare Arc-chill cooling blanket. This summer blanket is gray and boasts a size of 200cm by 220 cm. It is made with a combination of nylon, mica, and natural bamboo fiber, and it’s the best you can have for summer. The Avolare Arc-chill cooling blanket is double-sided and versatile. First, let us look at the reasons why you should have this sleep blanket.

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Outstanding Features


An excellent cooling blanket should have a perfect heat exchange, and Avolare is not less than that. This is because it has a mica injection. In addition, it has some bamboo material that gives it a porous structure which makes it excellent for the much-needed effect of moisture-wicking. This cooling blanket also boasts a breathable cotton element which is responsible for keeping the blanket cool. The cool feature gives you a deep sleep without any effects of heat, and you also wake up feeling dry and refreshed.


If you are an adventurous person and like camping, then Avolare Arc-chill cooling blanket will sort you. It is light in weight, and therefore you can put it in your car or use it on the airplane. Also, unlike many blankets, this one is easy to fold and store, making your journey easy.

All Season

Time is not constant, and it keeps on changing, and therefore buying something that will serve you for all seasons is ideal. Avolare Arc-chill is an all-season blanket, and therefore you should purpose to have it. On one of its sides is an Arc-chill cool fabric of bamboo. This makes your summer nights easy, cool and comfortable. The other side of the blanket is made of pure natural fiber that gives you a soothing effect to relieve you from a stressful summer day. On the other hand, this blanket absorbs moisture and dries thanks to its double-sided weave.

Easy to Maintain and Durable

The Avolare Arc-chill cooling blanket is easy to take care of. You can wash it either by the use of hands or a washing machine. However, to prevent damage and entanglement when washing, you should put it in a laundry net bag. In addition, it would help if you hung it in a vertical style and a sufficiently ventilated place.

Sleep Experience

This cooling blanket will make your sleep an incredible experience. It undergoes a spinning process giving the nylon fiber a perfect thermal conductivity. In addition, the breathable bamboo has plant extracts and herbal antibiotics that aid in driving away night sweats, making your night calm. Additionally, the Avolare Arc-chill cooling blanket is anti-dust and hypo-allergic, and therefore you can’t sneeze because of dust.


The Avolare Arc-chill cooling blanket is the game-changer for all your nights. It is hypo-allergic, easy to maintain, and durable. You will love it for its versatility because you can use it in all seasons. In addition, this blanket is light in weight and ideal for travel. So bring your search for a cooling blanket to and an end by purchasing the Avolare cooling blanket.