AWS certificate is essential for becoming a part of Amazon Web Series Solutions. The certificate is evidence that you are an expert in cloud expertise. An IT enthusiast and organizational professional can become an expert in this domain by giving exams taken by AWS. For these exams, the best way to pass this AWS exam is to practice on the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate level dumps. Anyhow, we prepared a proper AWS Certified Guide for the candidates who are interested in AWS Solutions Exams.

A Guide for AWS Certified Solutions

1. Topics of the AWS Solutions Exam

Knowing the topics for the AWS Solutions Architect-Associate exams is the foremost thing to do. Not a problem if you don’t have the advanced knowledge on it as below are the topics and paper division percentage.

  • 18% from Cost-Optimize Architectures
  • 24% from Security 
  • 28% from High-Performance Architectures 
  • 30% from Design of Resilient Architectures 

2. Eligibility for Exam:

The Architect Associate for AWS Solutions is for beginner organization professionals and IT specialists who already have some basic idea about the platform of AWS. Moreover, the enthusiast who has spent a few years on AWS designing structures and attained architectural position can also be eligible. However, the Architect-Associate exam of AWS solution is an accurate platform for the certification of AWS Associate. Also, this platform is great for candidates who are into non-technical projects. 

3. Way of Studying AWS Solutions Exams

The best way to make yourself ready for the exams is to have several solutions architect associate practice tests. These tests will help you effectively in passing the exams. The exam will be based on the course outlines specified for the final exams. Time and pattern will also follow the original format. 

AWS certified solutions architect associate dumps are simple to attempt. These dump tests are usually comprehensive and reliable for preparing the final exams. So, you can explore these practice tests for having a good grip on the subjects. Plus, you will know which part of the exam will be more complex for you and how you can manage it.

4. Strategies for Attempting Test

Always remain focused and active while attempting a test. Being confident in your intellect is nice but not overconfidence. Therefore, before solving a question, read the statement at least twice and don’t read into a rush. Even a single spelling difference can change the meaning of the question entirely. 

The other strategy is to eliminate the opposite and not relevant options to the topic of the statement. So, your focus will not divert to various answers. Use mark the review function whenever a tricky question appears. Then choose the best answer available there according to you and mark it for the review at the end.

Use other questions for solving a complex question. Sometimes, you can get an answer by solving other relevant questions. That’s why the option mark for review will enable you to go back to the question you left and solve it again. 

5. Fill the Gap

After accessing your knowledge on the practice tests, now you know where you are lacking. The best step is to improve those parts of the subjects and again test your knowledge in a better way. 

Other Important Details for the Exams

The duration of the exams is 130 minutes which is two hours and 10 minutes. The paper will consist of 65 questions. Besides, the type of question is MCQ’s. You have to pass with at least 72% for the AWS certificate. Moreover, there will be no negative marking for false answers. The exam supports Korean, English, and Japanese languages.  


Here we are done with the guide on the exams for the ASW certificate. A guide includes the basic introduction on the AWS and describes the total vital points for the exam passing steps. I hope the information you want to have, achieve it. If you are still confused, then you can find out more by clicking on the link. Thanks