Whether you smoke marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes, incidences are bound to happen. The same goes for most other activities that are a bit of a walk on the wild side.

If you accidentally smoke too much marijuana, you’ll know it! And here’s what to do in case that happens to you.

Don’t Freak Out

We know, we know, probably easier said than done, right?

But really, anyone who smokes marijuana accidentally smokes more than they intended from time to time. And rule number one is not to go into panic mode the moment you realize you’re way higher than you anticipated.

If you go into a full-blown freak-out, you’ll only make yourself feel worse.

Instead, take several deep breaths, and do the following:

Drink Water

If you have a glass of water nearby, drink it. If not, but you can safely get up and walk around, pour yourself a big glass of water.

You need to start the process of flushing out the marijuana. Obviously, marijuana will last in your system long after you finish a glass of water.

However, it will help you urinate, which is a start. Plus, it will prevent an uncomfortable dry mouth. 

Whatever you do, avoid drinking caffeine and alcoholic beverages. They do not mix well with the THC coursing through your veins!

Seek Out Distractions

Since it takes hours for marijuana to leave your system, you may be in for a long night or day ahead of you. At this point, the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep your mind off the fact that you accidentally smoked too much marijuana.

This is a wonderful time to engage in the proverbial Netflix and chill. Stream anything that is positive and calm. Think cartoons, Bob Ross painting programs, and goofy comedies that don’t go into any single topic too deeply.

If you can’t find the remote or there’s something up with the Internet, try instead to draw, color, or write. 


At this stage of your marijuana overindulgence, you will happily notice that you’re okay overall! 

With this positive mindset and your fuzzy head, try to lay down and rest. If possible, sleep. Sleep will be the best thing for you, as only time will make your high end and sleep is its own magical time capsule. 

Take a Walk

This is not the first thing to do after you realize you accidentally smoked too much marijuana for a reason! 

After you’re calm, hydrated, and rested, you can ideally take a walk. Don’t venture too far from home. Walking is a great way to engage in moderate physical exertion while helping to clear your head. 

Shower or Bathe

After your walk, it is time to relax and freshen yourself up with a shower or a bath. While neither will help you sober up faster, they can help you feel more like yourself.

It’s also another excellent way to calm yourself down. After all, you’re almost out of the weeds (so to speak!). You only have one thing to do if you accidentally smoke too much marijuana … 

Prepare for Next Time

You may think you’ll never smoke again. Or, if you do, you’ll never smoke too much again. 

But instead of having a “never again” attitude towards the hobby, have a never again attitude towards greening out. The best way to do this is to plan and prepare for next time.

First of all, consider how you smoked too much this time. Were you with friends who have a much higher tolerance than you? In that case, try to avoid smoking with them in the future unless they’re committed to smoking less.

Did you dig too far into your stash and decide to “celebrate” with more than your usual amount? Remember, celebrating does not mean smoking your entire stash all at once! You will definitely have a much better experience if you pace yourself.

How about conveyance – did you smoke a large blunt rather than the skinnier joint you usually do? Well, that has its upsides and downsides, too, which you can learn all about in this article by Veriheal.

Analyzing where you went wrong this time and determining to prevent it is the final step. It’s a smart way to prevent patterns from forming and going through this again!


Most marijuana enthusiasts smoke too much from time to time. Just remember to calm yourself and give it time to pass. 

Once it does, take preventative measures so that you never smoke too much again. You don’t want to ruin a habit from enjoying too much of a good thing, after all!