Bathrooms are often underrated despite being one of the most practical parts of the home. Your bathroom is not only the place where you practice personal hygiene, but it is also where you can relax and unwind. This is why it is important to have a highly functional bathroom fixtures and fittings and eye appealing bathroom. If you are thinking of remodeling, check out the latest bathroom design trends and get inspired.

Futuristic Style

This trend originally emerged in Japan and it slowly gained worldwide popularity. The futuristic style is characterized with high-tech bathroom fixtures and fittings for the ultimate functionality. From automated toilets to sleek looking touch-free faucets and smart showers, bathrooms in 2020 are becoming more and more impressive. Some of these bathroom products will make your life easier and more comfortable. If you are tired of investigating who left the toilet sit up, get an automatic toilet sit cover. There are also fully automated toilets with mind blowing features like automatic flush, self cleansing system and heated seat. Smart bath towel warmers and built-in deodorizers are also a huge thing in 2020 as they bring a spa-like experience in your home. Another great thing is that smart showers are getting widely available. You can start your shower remotely while you jog or while on the way home. By the time you arrive, your shower will be hot and ready.

Industrial Style

According to designers, industrial style is increasingly gaining popularity in 2020. Industrial style décor is characterized by bear bricks, wood and metals. If you are into the industrial chic, look for bathroom fixtures and fittings which have metal finish and edgy design. Choose a simple mirror and use copper pipes to frame it. Add wooden accents with rustic cabinets and exposed shelves to achieve a stand out look. Furthermore, you can create an exposed brick wall with tiles for an elegant effect.

Luxurious Style with Brass and Gold Finish

Brass and gold are back in the game for luxurious style bathrooms. If you want to add a bit of luxury or a warmer accent to your bathroom choose brass and gold sinks, faucets and toilets with matte or satin finish. Avoid chrome finish and stainless steel details for this look because they give a colder vibe. Combine gold with black to achieve powerful and sophisticated design. For instance, choose black tiles and combine them with gold fixtures or accentuate a black bathtub with subtle golden detailed tiles. If you are not a fan of black, consider deep green color. Pair dark green with brass or gold for a sumptuous look.

Compact Storage

Modern bathrooms have compact storage units that promote minimalism. Forget about unwieldy cabinets and massive shelves. Free up your space with hidden cabinets and functional shelves for your most frequently used items. Designers advise to choose handleless cabinetry for smooth experience. Installing a floating vanity is an excellent way to achieve that contemporary look. It is elegant and it gives the illusion of added space.

Integrated Lightning

According to the latest trends in bathroom design, you should avoid large lightning arrangements and focus on integrated lightning. The idea is to create a cozy and well lit space without overpowering. Integrated lightning creates that feel-good atmosphere. You can choose a lighted mirror or cabinets with integrated light.

Wallpapers and Tiles

Bathroom wallpapers are back in town. Transform your bathroom with bold graphic wallpaper, go crazy with patterns and colors. A marbleized wallpaper can serve as a dazzling focal point in your bathroom. Same thing goes for tiles as well. Don’t be afraid to change the traditional tiles, experiment with patterns, colors and textures. Opt for trendy designs such as arabesque, diamond or hexagon.

Large Bathtubs

When it comes to choosing a new bathtub, think big. Large bathtubs are not only trendy, but they are more satisfying. There is no better way to relax after a long day than comfortably laying in a warm bath. If you want to add a touch of opulence, choose a freestanding matte-black tub.

Pop of Color

Add a pop of color by choosing vibrant bathroom supplies and accessories. Use colorful details to break the bland look of your bathroom and boost your mood. For instance, adding a bit of blue in the bathroom will make you feel more relaxed, green affects the balance between mind, body and emotions and orange can boost productivity.

Think Pink

Pink has been used for bathroom interior design for ages. In fact, pink never stopped being trendy, although it might not be the most obvious choice for bathrooms nowadays. There are plenty of shades of pink you can choose from depending on the look you want to create. Choose blush for the walls and combine them with rose gold fixtures for a dreamy effect. If you want to energize your bathroom use coral shades for the walls and teal tones for accessories. You can create a mysterious vibe with a combination of dusty rose and grey tiles.

A Classy Powder Room

The powder room in your house can complement the bathroom and just a few changes can make a huge difference. You can pick the same style you used for your bathroom or you can use this small space to make a statement. Enchant your guests with lavish materials and colors. Feel free to embrace an edgier atmosphere with darker tones and dim lightning. For example, you can put up a dark red wallpaper with golden details along with a marble sink and a faucet with brass finish.

What to Avoid

There are certain trends you want to avoid if you are remodeling your bathroom in 2020. You want to stay away from gaudy designs and keep it simple, but slick. Be careful not to overdo it with accessories and unnecessary bathroom products because that can clutter the space. A modern bathroom should feel bright and open and the key to achieve that look is simplicity.