We spend nearly 33% of our life sleeping. A quality bed setup helps you get the best sleep possible. Bed frames are an important part of your bed, they support your mattress and increase its longevity, helping you get better sleep. There are many different kinds of bed frames Adelaide at Metia, ranging from simple metal frames to elegant wood frames.

Things To Consider –

When you are buying a bed frame coma there are few factors to consider to ensure that you get the right frame for you and your sleeping needs.

Bed Size

Bed frames come in different sizes- twin, full,extra-long twin, queen, king, and California king. If you already have a mattress, you will want to ensure you are getting the correct size bed frame for the existing mattress. If you don’t have a mattress yet, considered your height and whether you’ll be sharing a bed with a partner. You should make sure you are getting a bed frame big enough that the two of you can share and still have room to sleep comfortably.

Room Size

The next thing is room size. A bulky bed frame overpowers your room, a slimmer bed frame will allow for more space. A taller bed frame such as a canopy bed requires more height. Just think about what fits best in your bedroom space and consider if you wish your bed to be the focal point.

Bed Frame Height

Bed frames are of different heights, allowing you to choose how much under bed storage space you want.

Standard Profile – this is the most common bed frame, ranging in height from 13 inches to 15 inches. It is high above the ground that you can still add storage under your bed.

Low profile – this bed frame sits close to the ground and is less than 13 inches high. It helps your room feel and look more spacious, making it a perfect option for smaller bedrooms.

High profile – these bed frames are over 15 inches high. They are best if you have a lot of storage bins or if you want to get things from under the bed frequently. If you have a big room with high ceilings high-profile bed frames appear taller and help fill the space in your bedroom.

Bed frame features

When purchasing a bed frame, considered the different features that it has

Headboard Compatible – If you know you want to add a headboard, go for a bed frame that is headboard compatible. Check the manufacturer details on the headboard to ensure it will fit with your bed frame.

Easy storage – some bed frames are able to fold, making it easy to store them. If you move often or want a temporary bed, you may consider a bed frame that is easily stored away.

Solid wood – if you want to invest in a bed frame that lasts for years to come, consider a solid wood frame. It will be a bit bulkier, so make sure it fits in your bedroom easily.

Casters – casters protect your floors and allow you to roll your bed around your room. Select a bed frame with casters if you vacuum frequently or like to redesign your room often.


You have the option of selecting a complete bed frame that comes in a range of styles. Choose a bed frame that fits your home’s aesthetic and your needs.