One of the most challenging things about having kids is keeping them active and entertained in their free time. Kids enjoy a variety of activities and games and are always looking for something new to do. If you want to get your kids off their smartphones and tablets to do some good old children’s activities, the best way is to give them options. Kids rarely spend time outdoors these days like they used to, so you need to encourage them to go play outside by giving them something to do. Here are some great additions for your backyard that your kids will love:


This is the go-to for most families looking to have a kid-friendly backyard. The cliches are true too, the best childhood memories are made in a well-built treehouse. It’s a great place for your kids to play together and invite their friends or the neighbor’s kids for imaginary adventures and games. It could be a great memorable experience if you build it with your kids too, it will grow their excitement even more as well as their sense of achievement. It’ll definitely encourage them to be both physically and mentally active, and advance their skill set for the future.


Do your kids constantly nag you about going to the park to play on the swings? Sometimes you just can’t bother to prepare for a day at the park as often as they want to go, so why not bring their favorite part of it home? You can make one yourself using a chair and a thick rope and add some life to it with paint and drawings. You can also go for the good old fashioned tire swing made with a sturdy chain hanging from the tree in your yard and an old tire. It’s a great addition to your backyard for any kid who spends all their park trips on the swings.

Backyard Games

Many games can’t be played inside the house, so the best thing to do is have them in the open space right outside your house. If you have overactive kids, for example, you can add a trampoline that burns out all that extra energy. You can also make a mini basketball by adding hoops and other accessories you can shop for on this website to make it look realistic. Who knows, you might end up with a kid who grows up to be a professional basketball player! You can also make-do a zipline for kids to enjoy in the summer or add a mini-bowling alley for some healthy competition.

Artsy Additions

Are your kids constantly ruining the walls inside your home with their crayons and markers? Kids are usually very into artistic activities like drawing and coloring, so spare your walls and take it outside. You can add a chalk wall to your backyard for whenever your kids have their coloring gear out and ready to color the tables. There are also acrylic plastic paintings that they can draw and paint on while also being super easy to clean for a fresh new piece of art.

Outdoor Theatre

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice night out at the movie theatre with tasty snacks? Kids don’t do that well in movie theatres, however. You can bring the movie theatre to them with just a projector, some blankets, pillows, and don’t forget the popcorn. It’s perfect for those summer nights where the kids can invite their friends to watch their favorite cartoon or animated movie. The best thing about this outdoor movie theatre is that the adults can also use it, so it’s an addition to the backyard that the whole family can enjoy.

A Mini Beach

Beach trips with kids can be exhausting or you might live somewhere that doesn’t even have a beach nearby. You can still give your kids that fun beach experience without the hassle, right in your backyard. All you need to do is add a sandbox, a kiddy pool or splash pad, some beach toys, and you’re good to go! Kids love playing in the sand the most when going to the beach, so this addition will be very entertaining for them. It’s the perfect addition during the summer to keep your kids entertained during their vacation and they can invite their friends for a ‘beach party’ too.

There are more endless ideas of great additions for your backyard that your kids will love. However, it’s important that before adding something to your backyard, consider if it goes with your kids’ interests and personality. A non-artistic kid won’t enjoy a chalk wall that much, and an overactive kid will get bored from playing in a treehouse. That’s why you should ask your kids what activity they wish they could do anytime they want and try to incorporate it into your yard.