The main inspirations of classic interior design originated from Victorian and Art Deco, Greek and the Roman style.

Other highlights of the classic interior include vases, laurel wreath, marble, dentil molding, columns, ornaments in both drapery and decorative motifs, architectural knots (broken pediments, domes, friezes and moldings) and murals.

It is extremely rich in patterns, brings the quality visual effects, is among the most preferred options of glamorous and flashy classic decoration interiors.

Classy and Chic

Step into a unique villa, a stunning house designed by the Dubai-based company whose mission is to stafisy its clients by  responding to criteria of balance, harmony and proportion. 

Give it a special look to your home with this unique project of Algedra to get inspired by splendor villa interior, implemented in classic style!

Classic style professionally merges with Greek and French style that the prestige and the splendor of the style has been accented from the exterior to the interior design, where the Algedra masterfully executed its holistic vision, which resulted in a stunning, royalty-inspired atmosphere by converging extravaganza and traditionalism.

Let us look into details and be ready to amaze with high-end luxury, nobility and unique villa design to see how mundane space turns into a stylish home and impresses by its atmosphere of reliability and imperial dignity!

Luxurious Villa in Riyadh City, Abu Dhabi

This magnificent luxury villa with classic style design in UAE carries ancient spirit, richness of pure elegance, breathtaking decoration aesthetics in every detail of the covered huge plot. Particularly with respect to its interiors that it came as no surprise that the villa makes the fairytale come true. 

The unique attention to detail, craftsmanship and enduring style of classic villa is a product and proof of the high caliber interior design created at Algedra.

Imposing architecture a grandeur yet unique touches that you will admire has a wide entrance decorated with extraordinary style and oval upward curving staircase high dome ceiling, large classic dining table, you will not be able to take your eyes off the large living room and classic sofas. 

Predominant classic style in this villa interior design executed with elegance, simplicity, balance and harmony, blending classic furniture and high-end decor elements are two key factors in the creation of a balance and welcoming space.

The use of noble and quality materials showcase luxury design substances from Algedra Interior Designers’ creative objectives and experience on interior design with its sophistication scale, dramatic use of columns and pilasters– all details put in practice with a symmetrical manner adorned with ornaments, bringing about a character of classic timeless beauty and personalised taste of its client, which all detail refined with elegant features that are reminiscent of antiquity.

Light and tenuous colors in villa are predominant to enhance the feelings of serenity and functionality.

Exterior Design

Same exquisite design philosophy was applied to the exterior designing aspect to achieve a cohesive look from the villa interior to the exteriors.

Strengthened by the desire to create a fairytale home, a perspective that revives the old in order to translate Greek style and classicism into a special look. 

Bedroom Design

This classic bedroom has dazzling and delicate design lines with patterns and curvilinear features… The bed, orthopedic mattress, bedheads created with artistic touches, the magnificent mirror translates client dreams into reality and makes the room wider and spacious.

Dressing Room

A dressing room is a desirable elegant addition to a home, it’s a great way to have a collective space to feel organized and keep bedrooms clutter-free.

This dressing room design, which has aesthetic, elegant and sophisticated features, blends your soul with the melody of tranquility.

Ideas are limitless even for a small space. Right design depends on space and layout. Producing interior design ideas will be much easier with in-house interior designers, so that you can catch the perfect harmony that brings elegance you want with the help of one of interior design companies that lead the design industry.