After a day of work where you have accumulated tension and stress, what could be better than a facial massage to relax? Fortunately, there are facial massage devices to use at home.

We analyzed and compared dozens of best facial massagers and we ranked the top four in the market.

Shengmi facial massager

Do you want to take care of your facial skin? Then an ultrasonic massage device is what you need! In this area, the Shengmi model gives you satisfaction by effectively fighting against wrinkles and old age. An asset of choice, for unparalleled facial well-being!

First of all, we appreciate the care function it has. It has anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties, because it contributes to the tightening of pores and the stretching of your skin. Your skin will appear much healthier, especially since it will get rid of acne and spots as well. Its action consists in deep cleaning, hydrating, smooth and regenerating effects while massaging.

It is also equipped with ultrasound devices, which gently stimulate the facial muscles, for a rejuvenating effect. Caring for your skin has never been so pleasant.

Very easy to use thanks to the wireless system, on the other hand you need to have a face moisturizing humidifier device at hand, because if the skin is not wet, you won’t be able to feel the small electric flows that contract the facial muscles.
Shengmi facial massager
The feeling is very pleasant, it “wakes up” the skin in the morning & in the evening, and it allows it to assimilate the treatments in an optimal way.

In addition, we also appreciate its different modes of massage. There are six of them and all of them will succeed in getting rid of skin conditions, in particular blackheads, spots, acne, dermatitis, eczema, etc.

It is also easy to use. All you need to do is set the massage intensity you want, and you are good to go.

However, you will first need to charge the device for 3 hours before the first use.

For optimal results, it is recommended to use it with a skin care cream.
In addition, it is light and therefore easy to transport. Wherever you go, you can take it with you!

Pixnor P2016

Pixnor is the most complete facial massage device. The brand offers many modes to obtain many different effects. In addition, it is a small, light kit that you can take anywhere with you. Pixnor is an electric face massager available at an unbeatable price.

The Pixnor massage device is not just a massage product: you can take advantage of its numerous heads to thoroughly cleanse your face as well. There are seven different heads that you can equip and enjoy. In addition, it has a 360 ° field of action as well as a new generation motor designed only to obtain the best frequency of rotation, and thus offer you a perfectly cleansed skin.

The four different modes are not programmed, you will need to change the head depending on the type of massage you want to apply to your skin. You will therefore have a large choice to meet all your needs!

For a faster and more successful result, do not hesitate to use your everyday skin care products with this electric massage brush.

Two batteries will power your Pixnor: these will have a rather average or even short lifespan, and you will need to have the two batteries always fully charged for long massage sessions.

You can take your electric massage device everywhere with you due to its light weight and its double batteries. The other important advantage of this Pixnor face massage device is that it is waterproof.

Touch Beauty TB 1581

The Touch Beauty TB 1581 is a complete product where you will find two very efficient modes.

The versatility of the massage device makes it an excellent asset for daily skin care. It does not only helps exfoliate your skin, but also provides a gentle, relaxing massage for the face.
Touch Beauty TB 1581
The technology used by Touch Beauty on this model is sonic vibromassage. With more than 22,000 vibrations per minute, associated with soft hair, the massage process is deep but very gentle.

This electric massager is not equipped with a temperature change feature; however, the device is waterproof: you can therefore use it in the shower and thus obtain temperature changes if necessary.

The Touch Beauty TB 1581 offers two different heads:

  • The first head is large and has bristles that are intended for cleaning the face via sonic vibrations.
  • The second head is teardrop-shaped. It allows you to work the eye area in particular and wrinkles. You will look younger that to its ability of removing dark circles and bags under the eyes.

The electric massager is charged with a battery that consumes energy moderately.

Here again you can use your usual beauty products for a quicker result. In addition, this device is relatively cheaper than most facial massagers are. It is certainly one of the best performing products for such a decent price.

TOUCH Beauty TB-1389

The Touch Beauty TB 1389 is, in our opinion, the best facial massage device available today. Not only does it offer many massage modes, but you can also use it at many temperatures.

First, the Touch Beauty massage device is easy to handle. It has been designed to adapt to the shape of the hand which makes using it very pleasant. To make using it more easier, it has a single button that will allow you to turn it off / on and also switch from one mode to another.

The Touch Beauty TB 1389 is equipped with an LED which will indicate the charging process (in progress or full charge), and thanks to its autonomy, you can use it continuously for more than an hour!

The massage head is suitable for all curves of the face: you can reach every part of the face easily to enjoy its benefits to the fullest. The treatment is thus more precise, and you will strengthen the effect of the massage.

The main feature of this massage device is anti-aging; it will be your ally throughout your life for a perfect and young looking skin.
TOUCH Beauty TB-1389
Unlike traditional equipment, it offers a “sonic” mode which allows it to work the elasticity of the skin and thus make it smoother and beautiful.

The Touch Beauty TB1389 has two functions: The first is a “relaxation” function where the device heats up to 40 ° C, the aim being to prepare the skin. Heating the skin will relax and open the pores. The care that follows will therefore be much more effective.

The second function is the “firming” of the skin. With a cold temperature of up to 6 ° C, muscle tension will be relieved, but above all, the pores will be tightened which makes the skin firmer.

On each of these functions, you can add the “sonic” option, which will have positive effects on the skin whether you use the hot massage or the cold massage.

The sonic vibration will speed up blood circulation and help the skin effectively absorb your skin care products.

The skin will have a new elasticity, and you will find your skin looking years younger after several uses. Thanks to the Touch Beauty hot / cold massage device, you will effectively remove wrinkles and prevent new ones from appearing.