Having a good outdoor space can come in handy when you need more space for entertaining or a nice place for your family to relax in. The serenity your outdoors will give you when you have a well-maintained garden is also unlike any other. You can make your outdoor space more functional by installing awnings to cover up the harsh sun rays and make it more comfortable. Different types of awnings are available in different colours and sizes that you can easily select from when looking for something that suits your backyard space. The following ideas are great for your garden awnings, but you can make them better by adding your personal touch to them.

Install a canopy

Although most people fear canopies because of the cost, you can make a few changes that get you a functional canopy at a more affordable price. For instance, your garden awning can be made from different types of fabrics in different designs. You can have the fabric in a rectangular shape, triangular shape, or any other shape you prefer. Just make sure you secure it properly to ensure it remains intact even under strong winds. Canopies can also become damaged in areas that experience a lot of heavy rain or snow. You could make it better by choosing a retractable option instead of a permanent one.

Tikki awning

If you want to get a more tropical feel in your backyard, then a tiki garden awning will be a perfect choice. You can use grass on the roof, bamboos, or any other leaves that have the tropical element. You can make it better by adding lighting fixtures that brighten up space and makes you feel like you’re on vacation. You could also have tropical fruits and right flowers around the area to give it the distinctive element you want.

Retractable awnings

Although these types of awnings may be a little expensive, the benefits they have will give you value for your investment. You won’t have to worry about weather elements that could cause damage since you’ll be able to remove it. The level of flexibility you will get from these awnings is unmatched. They also come in different materials and different functionalities that also increase your convenience. You could choose the motorized versions that will not take up your energy, but if you’re conscious about how you use electricity, then the manual options will be ideal for you.

Screened in awnings

For garden awnings that offer you more comfort and protection, screened in designs will be perfect for you. You can opt for more durable options that are made from metal.

Awnings with a vertical garden

If you prefer to have more greenery in your backyard, then a vertical garden around the awning will give you more peace. You’ll be able to relax more and enjoy the beauty of your garden. A lattice canopy that has verdant vines could also look great when you want greenery without blocking all the sun.


When choosing a garden awning, consider the space you have and the style you want to create. You can handle installations on your own, but you can also get professional expertise if you want a better outcome.