An attempt to create a truly unique floor at home, try using the unfinished hardwood flooring for sale. Unfinished hardwood could be the best option that will work for any house floor. This type of wood is available in two types of oaks and different grades of hickory. Their unfinished nature, there is the freedom to use any color on them and takes any finish applied to the surface.

Unfinished hardwood flooring for sale is available in ¾ inch. They will contract and expands with variation in humidity. To resolve the issue, builders’ floor builders leave an extension gap between the floor and wall covered in baseboard trim. The commonly unfinished hardwood species are pecan, maple (medium brown), teak, and walnut (dark brown).

The decision to make on the type of unfinished hardwood flooring to use depends on several factors like, durability, wear and tear resistance, visual appeal, and cost. Their prices range from inexpensive to the most expensive. When buying unfinished hardwood flooring for sale, there are two choices, the finished, and the unfinished planks. The colors range in density, grain pattern, and texture.
Hardwood Flooring
Unfinished hardwood for sale offers convenience to the homeowner and builders with a gleaming reflection overlaying the small gaps common such woods. If pelican is the ideal choice, make sure the installation takes place in areas experiencing a constant flow of people such as entrances and family rooms. If the house is located in a moisture free environment, they work best.

The durability of unfinished hardwood flooring for sale depends on the installation method and the duration of the installation.
Follow the following simple guide on how to make the unfinished floor look impeccable.

  • Prepare the floor by removing the existing floor. Remove the tack bar surrounding the room perimeter. Any staples on the floor should be removed using pliers, which usually hold the carpet.
  • Install the Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and place sheets of red rosin paper to cover the wafer board. Staple the rosin paper.
  • Mark the beam joint locations in the room
  • Use chalk or a pencil, draw 3/4 –inch measurements from the baseboard. This measurement is an allowance to the expected expansion and contraction due to rise and fall of humidity. The gap also stops the floor, attempting to go beyond the wall.
  • Use the long side of the wall as the starting point. Place one end of the board at the line marking the ¾-inch space earlier drawn. The unfinished hardwood flooring for sale should be placed perpendicular to the floor for maximum support.
  • Secure the board into the sub-flooring and joist keep on nailing until the entire flooring is done.
  • Before installing unfinished hardwood flooring, lay the boards on the floor to see how the final product will look like. Buying extra planks of unfinished hardwood could is better than heading to the retailer to buy the remaining pieces.

Unfinished hardwood flooring is the kind of floor that will add value and style to any home. Unfinished hardwood flooring design is a homeowners’ favorite because of their durability.