You can choose from various colours for blinds and shutters for the most part. Yet, despite all the available colours, it’s still possible to find yourself not being able to find just the right shade you want. Which might make you wonder what you can do about it and begs the idea of whether you should attempt to paint your blinds to get the colour that you desire the most.

But can it be done?

Considering how blinds are designed and the various styles they can come in, it’s natural to be apprehensive about whether it would be possible to execute properly.

If you have been pondering whether to do so, then continue to read on to see if you can!

The Possibility of Painting Blinds

To put it simply: yes, you can! For the most part, you can expect to be able to paint on all common materials in blinds like aluminum, wood, vinyl, and fabric. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the style of your blinds hindering you in painting them. You only need to be aware that you would need different methods to achieve the look you want from your blinds.

Preparing Blinds to Paint

Consider this the multiple ways you can paint all blind types! But first, you will need to do some prep work before gathering materials. No matter what you’re painting, you want to ensure you clean your blinds properly before doing so. Any dust and grime can seriously impact the quality of your paint job.

In which case, blinds made with aluminum, vinyl, and wood can be easily cleaned by dusting, wiping away with a damp cloth, and giving them time to dry afterward. Meanwhile, when dealing with blinds with fabric, you should use soapy, warm water like dish soap to clean off any built-up dirt. Once scrubbed, ensure you let them dry off completely by hanging them up.

However, if you want a faster way to clean your fabric, check to see its tag if it’s machine wash friendly. If so, all you need to do is coil them together in a pillowcase alongside putting them with some towels. Once washed, you can put them in a dryer using a gentle cycle, warm water, and detergent to leave them smelling nice before painting.

How to Paint Various Blinds

No matter what style or material your blinds are, the materials you need to paint them are relatively the same, with only some exceptions. Firstly, you want to ensure your blinds can come off their string, so you can bring them outside to paint. Then, lay some tarp or a drop cloth to let your blinds lay on.

Now, you must have the right spray paint to get started. Generally, you want to use spray paint that can adhere to plastic. However, if you’re spray painting vinyl or a combination of fabric and vinyl, use multi-surface paint. However, if your blinds are strictly fabric, you need to get specific fabric spray paint.

Once you’re done spray painting them, you can then hang them up to dry on either a clothesline or nails from your fence. After some time, you can then apply another lighter coat to each blind. Typically, you will want to do about two to three coats to ensure it’s evenly coated. However, ensure you’re not overcoating because the paint can run or bubble.

Afterwards, allow the paint to dry for several hours. If you’re painting in rather humid weather, you should let the paint dry overnight. Then, when everything is dry, you can then put your blinds back up and enjoy the new, fresh colour! However, if you want to add designs to your blinds, you can easily stencil them. It will just take longer as you would need to wait for the designs to dry.

The beauty behind being able to paint your blinds is how you can easily make them look brand new again without replacing them. You can allow yourself to be creative by adding splashes of bold colours you wouldn’t find in stores and various fun designs. The sky’s the limit with how you choose to colour and design your blinds!