Roofing Softwares are the buoys of roofing companies that help them stay afloat. These softwares are known for being akin to the business manager’s personal secretary. Not only will these apps digitalise all your work but also create innovative pathways for you.

Integrated with state-of-the-art technology and excellent tools these softwares are professionals when it comes to easing the workload and organising everything. However it also largely depends on what kind of software you choose and whether its features are functional enough or not.

Here we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to choose the perfect software for your roofing company and the various tools that are required for your trade.

Personal Requirements:

Before dumping all your information on a random software, make sure to do extensive research and background checks on what the app is offering and whether it is trusted or not. No app will be tailored to perfectly cater to your needs and you’ll have to settle with what is available.

Make sure to create a checklist of important features that are crucial to tour business’ success. Tools that have predictive options to boost sales and productivity are a major bonus while features such as invoicing and quoting only make your task easier.

It is important to first identify your needs and only then go for a suitable software instead of hastily choosing one and regretting it later on as it doesn’t have specific functions which you required.

Easy Communication:

An optimum roofing software always puts communication and collaboration as a priority. The business is only as good as the team is and while choosing ensure the software has an excellent and dependable co-ordination system.

Live maps showing the locations of your team members is a bonus as dragging and dropping tasks to them becomes easier. Allowing communication amongst the team is also very important to maintain the standard of your work.

Do check if your chosen software also has options for field team to connect directly with the office team and share notes, photographs and videos regarding the task at hand. Another useful function is being able to order supplies as soon as you replenish them.

Eliminating Paperwork:

The core idea behind such softwares is dissolving all paperwork and instead digitalising everything for a more professional approach to business management. An ideal software must have features to send quotations to customers, invoices to crew and even create memos and schedules on the run.

The software should also focus on saving receipts from online purchases and transactions for future references. Apps that contain predictive sale options and stocks are a major bonus and will not only have your sales increase but also generate a good amount of revenue.

Cloud Backup:

Having an archive of past projects that have been completed not only aids you in future finances but also in identifying mistakes and saving a lot of time on the next task. An optimum software should come pre-installed with an efficient cloud-based backup system to keep track of past agendas and tasks.

An ideal software that integrates all these features along with many more tools for your roofing company is WorkForce- Management Software For Roofing Companies.

WorkForce provides industry-leading software for ambitious companies who want to increase their profit and potential of their business. The software makes productivity a priority with tools such as:

  • Job Status Updates
  • Visual Tools
  • Scheduling
  • GPS
  • Time Tracking

WorkForce is a pioneer in the management software market with its unique, innovative tools. You can log in jobs, complete E-forms, manage stock items and even create a contact database.

You can even minimise wasted time by assigning tasks to field team that is closest to location. This software is ideal for any roofing company that wants the best for their entrepreneurial venture.


All these features will greatly help you in making a good profit of your trade and professionally managing everything by keeping everything in check. Using pro softwares such as WorkForce you can even keep an eye on job progress and pay team on-the-spot upon job completion.

A roofing software will either make your business or break it so choose wisely!