It is necessary to secure your garden space from external disturbances and animal attacks. The best way for this is to choose a sturdy garden fence. The online service providers today showcase some of the best fences. But browsing and selecting the best one needs some research and smart decision making. If you are stuck and unable to arrive at a decision, the following pointers might help you.

Know the kinds of fences that are available

The usual waney edge panel is one of the most common fences that get used! It is pocket-friendly and gets made using horizontal wood strips. There are also the closed feather-edge fences that cost slightly more, but it is sturdy than most fences. You can use a concrete post for this! Here vertical wood strips get used. Homeowners can also choose from the decorative fences, which is high on its aesthetic value. To know more about this, you need to check out
Know the kinds of fences that are available

Which garden fence is most durable?

Generally, a feathered fence on a wooden post is most sturdy and long-lasting! For this arrangement, you simply need to nail the vertical wooden boards in a specific structure. The other option to choose from is the close-feather edge fences with a concrete post.

Can a gravel board make a fence more durable?

The gravel boards are a security layer between the fence and the ground! Usually, it gets paired with the feathered garden fence. It makes sure that each feather remains off the ground. It helps to avoid the boards from getting rod as the boards don’t touch the damp earth.

Are you planning to install a waney edge panel? If yes, then you wouldn’t require a gravel board, since there is a small gap that exists between the panel and the ground. The concrete gravel boards are more costly and are durable as compared to the wooden ones.

Which is the best way to fix posts?

Which is the best way to fix posts
It’s always better to install the fence deep inside the earth. Also, make sure to encompass it with a wooden post along with concrete to make sure it doesn’t touch the wet soil. It is also possible that you place a small brick under the post bottom. Also, it’s a great idea to make sure that the concrete on the surface is uniform to make sure that water doesn’t get accumulated close to the post.

Is it necessary to replace/repair the fence when the fence blows down?

You should take action depending on the extent of the damage and fence postcondition. The broken posts get recognized the moment it wobbles. You can replace the same by keeping the present panels attached if they are in good shape. When the panels get damaged, and the post is intact, then you can also substitute the individual panels.

The old dried panels usually get repaired, and it breaks the moment nails get hammered.

When you find slightly more than the fence gets broken, it is necessary to replace the same. It is essential to invest in a high-end fence. That will last you almost 15 to 20 years. It is necessary to consider these aspects when you are planning to invest in a garden fence.