Marketing professionals recognize the convenience of communicating through mobile phones. They see it as another medium to easily get in touch with their target audience. For example, short message service (SMS) or text messaging allows businesses to directly and immediately respond to their customers.

This is very useful for several industries such as in real estate, where answering clients right away can have an impact in making a sale. Agents and marketing practitioners in this field see the advantages of using SMS marketing and want to know how else it can help them. Learn more about how to maximize this tool by clicking this link:

Craft Messages with the Readers in Mind

Effective SMS marketing depends on sending a strategic message to a specific target audience. In the case of real estate agents and professionals, their audience can be potential clients, current buyers, and sellers. However, some still have trouble creating messages that will work, which is when text templates come in handy. With SMS marketing text templates, realtors will have a set of messages they can use in several circumstances to help them get a response. To start, they need to consider their target audience and the stage of their professional relationship to help determine the approach and content of their messages. 

  • Prospective Clients

When it comes to potential clients, realtors are still establishing a professional relationship with them. This means the interest has not been properly defined on what the client wants in a property or the realtor. At this stage, the goal is to establish trust, so it’s important to be approachable and supportive. The clients need to feel they will get the assistance they need after showing interest or inquiring about the property. Here are some examples:

  • Hi (potential client’s first name), I see you like (address). That’s a great place! When would you like to see it?
  • Thank you for visiting our website, (potential client’s first name)! If you have any questions, simply reply here.
  • Hi (potential client’s first name), Are you looking to move into (city or area)? Let us know if we can help you find a home. We’re here to help.
  • Current Buyers

Once the relationship with the potential clients has developed into current buyers, the purpose of the SMS text message will now be on keeping them informed of the purchasing process, including giving updates and answering queries. For example:

  • Hi (client’s first name), there’s a new listing for a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home you may be interested in. Do you want to set up a viewing?
  • There are 5 open houses this weekend in (city or neighborhood). Visit (website URL) to see the full listing.
  • Great news (client’s first name)! They’ve accepted your latest offer! Can we set up a call this afternoon to discuss the other details?
  • Sellers

Realtors need to establish good relationships with the sellers as well. Depending on the needs of the sellers, the messages can be about a new or current transaction.

  • Thank you for reaching out (client’s first name)! When is the best time to call you about getting your home sold?
  • (Client’s first name), your property has 6 viewings scheduled this week. For a full list of scheduled dates and times, Visit (website URL).

Tips for Creating Effective Text Templates

Every realtor has a different way of doing business, which includes how they write their text messages. To help, here are tips when creating SMS marketing text templates: 

  • Keep it short and simple. SMS text messaging only allows 160 characters per message, so they need to make the most out of it. But this doesn’t mean using up all 160 characters. Keep the message concise so the reader can read and respond to it quickly.
  • Send clear messages. Even with a short message, the intent needs to be clear with the reader. They need to understand what the message is all about when they first read it. Words like “alert,” “update,” and “confirmation” can help provide immediate context about the topic. 
  • Add a personal touch. Nobody wants to feel like they are talking to a machine. Even with text templates, real estate agents or marketing practitioners need to make sure it sounds like a human is engaging their clients. One best practice is to personalize the messages by including the client’s name or location. Realtors may mention familiar interests like a previous area they inquired about to help engage them. 
  • Ask questions. Asking clients questions gives them a chance to reply and create a conversation. It also allows agents to inquire about their interests and needs to help them better.
  • Anticipate their needs. When crafting text templates, one of the important things to realize is how the reader would react. Would they read and respond to the message? To answer this, one needs to put themselves in the position of one’s audience. This will help anticipate their wants and needs. 

There are different ways real-estate professionals can maximize SMS marketing. With text templates, realtors will know how to convey their messages effectively each time.