Arts influence the interior décor style of the rooms and living rooms, enhancing overall beauty and pleasant vibes. There are many ways that you use to enhance the vibe and beauty of your place. If you are not a big fan of the coated walls, no worries! Canvas painting from Motiv-art is the most fantastic way to enhance the beauty of your house and rooms to a greater extent.

Hanging of a canvas painting is also a great form of art. It would feature a dreamy scene. It will be a great addition to your home. There are multiple ways in which you can redefine the appearance of the wall with great canvas painting. 

Four Ways of Hanging Great Canvas Paintings

You can give your room a great touch of natural elements. You should elaborate on the design of your room by using canvas paintings. To prevent designing of overwhelmed design, try hanging canvas paintings in multiple ways. Some of these top ways of hanging canvas art painting is below:

1. Matching the Canvas Painting with the Room’s Interior Decor

 Ever wondered how to coordinate an interior around with art styles to provide welcome inspiration. Painting is an important part of decorating your home. We use it to set a mood, add an accent or simply because we like it. Painting can add a finishing touch to a space or it can be the inspiration for a design but it is important to know how to find the perfect piece of painting for home decor.

You should match a stunning canvas painting with a room’s interior décor.

Homeowners can add the plates or other wall décor items in contrast with the canvas painting.   It’s an eclectic interior but pulls together around the ambiance of the artwork chosen. The interior décor can communicate a story. For instance, a small cycle beside a long pathway in the canvas painting communicates a message. 

Colour matching often proves to be the most straightforward way to incorporate artwork into the home. Classic materials and furniture play against a dramatic industrial background enhanced by modern art. Gorgeous! Here, the light tones on the modern abstract painting stand out against their neutral backdrop. Rich furniture textures seem to complement the artwork rather than the other way around. Paintings and illustrations are just one of the many ways in which you can decorate a wall. Remember that canvas wall art should reflect your design and character so there is no need to stay with the norm. So, get creative artwork from and use the canvas wall art for redefining the appearance of a wall. 

2. Size of the Canvas Matters

The size of the canvas paintings matters greatly because it either emphasizes or deemphasizes the look. Even if the canvas is perfect for your living room, its small or too-large size may upset the look of canvas painting. Make sure to hang the canvas painting 50% to 75% above the furniture. If you do not want a large canvas painting, you should still go for a group of art canvas paintings. The group of canvas paintings creates a collection of canvas paintings.

Homeowners should not crowd the wall by hanging any type of canvas paintings. The size and story of the canvas paintings should have a story. 

3. Hanging 5-Panels Canvas Paintings on the Wall

If you want to remain basic with awesome canvas paintings, you can hang awesome canvas paintings on the walls. There are so many types of amazing canvas paintings such as abstract canvas paintings, skyscrapers paintings, landscape paintings, etc. You can choose from 3-panels or 5-panel canvas paintings. When you hang these paintings in the living room, it will enhance the overall mood and vibe of the room. For instance, you can choose a large 5-panel nature’s art or a realistic art canvas painting for the living room wall. It will redefine the appearance of a wall to a greater extent.       

4. Utilization of the Ombre Effect on the Walls Along with Canvas Paintings

We recommend you experiment with the ombre technique at home. You can contrast the colours of the ombre effect with canvas paintings on the wall. It will create a majestic and artistic look of the wall tremendously. This is how; you will create great wall art in your house. 

If you would like to cover an entire surface area with an artistic feel, you should go for the ombre effect.


By utilizing these simple yet powerful art hanging canvas painting techniques, you can create an outstanding look in your house. This is the easiest way to add depth to any kind of room. Try to choose artistic and high-quality canvas paintings for the redefinition of walls in your house.