Located in Hillsborough County in New Hampshire, Amherst is a small town known for its historical heritage. According to the United States Census Bureau, the town is spread across 89 square kilometers, of which 1.3 square kilometers of area is water.

As many homes in Amherst are built on wetlands, drainage related issues are recurrent. If you face any water seepage in your home, you can contact the best plumber Amherst NH. They are experts in fixing drainage issues.

Here are some of the common drainage issues many residents face in Amherst:

Smelly Drains

When small quantities of water get collected in the U-shaped drainage pipe under the kitchen or wash basin sink, it emits unpleasant odors. When the drain is not cleaned regularly, these odors start spreading harmful chemicals into the air. IN such a scenario, you should consider contacting an expert plumber Amherst NH, immediately. They can identify the source of the smell and find a solution to fix it.

Cracked Pipes

Many homes in Amherst face the issue of broken or cracked pipes. Extreme climatic conditions or excessive usage can result in a damaged drain pipe. A broken or damaged drain pipe means water blockage, infestation, or mold growth in and around the line. Consulting a professional plumber and asking them for help can help you permanently and cost-effectively solve these issues.

Dripping Taps or Faucets

Nothing is more irritating than the constant noise of a dripping faucet in the house. If you doubt a leaking pipeline, watch out for the following signs: 

  • Loose or broken water connections.
  • An excessive water pressure.
  • Corrosion in copper or galvanized taps.
  • Changes in the foundation of your basic drainage structure.

When left unattended, a dripping faucet can cause colossal damage. Hence, contacting a professional plumber to fix the problem can help you save both time and money.

Clogged Drains

Most common places where you will see blocked or clogged drains are kitchen, shower, and bathroom sinks. Hair, oil, and food particles get stuck in the tiny holes and cause blockage. Therefore, it is essential to contact an experienced plumber in Amherst, NH, to clean up the pipes and ensure that water flows through smoothly. Also, you can prefer shower enclosures that help to maintain your drainage system.

Malfunctioning Gutter Spouts

Gutter downspouts are vertical pipe-like devices built on the sides of a building. These spouts ensure that the wastewater from your homes is safely led to a proper drainage area. When these gutter pipes empty into the garden areas around our home, they get saturated in one place. It can damage the landscape and weaken the foundation of the building’s structure.

When you see water logging outside your homes, it could be a sign of a faulty waterspout. You should immediately contact a plumber in your locality. They will help connect the spout to a proper drainage system and prevent further damage.

Faulty Pitch or Slope in the Yard

Most homes face water flooding due to improper pitch or slopes in the yard. As there is no proper way for water to flow away from your home, it gets retained outside your home and forms a puddle. A professional plumber will help fix a sump pump system to pump and remove the stagnant water. It will prevent rain gutter water from filling outside and avoid harmful diseases in the long run.

Wrong Type of Soil Around the Home

There are three soil types – sand, clay, and silt. If your home is built on a piece of land made up of clay or sand, water will not drain off quickly. Water will instead seeps inside the soil and weaken the foundation of your property. According to a news report, more than 1000 Amherst households had reported structural damage to their homes because of bad soil conditions. Therefore, it is critical to inspect the soil type and quality before construction. You can change the soil quality by adding a coarse material or organic matter. It will help drain the water properly away from home and keep it strong.

Bad Grading Around the Home

The Building and Code Enforcement Department in Amherst regulates the building and construction of all properties in the New Hampshire town. A proper grading system around your property means that water flows to a drainage system and is thrown out of the area. When the grading system is faulty, sewage water gets trapped in the pipes. It may cause flooding in the house or the basement area. It will result in a marshy area around your house and damage the plant beds in your lawn. A professional plumber in your area can help you create small creeks or a new drainage plan. The new system will collect the water and send it out in the right direction.

Therefore, avoiding such drainage issues in your homes and offices is not feasible. Proper maintenance and cleaning of the sewage system can ensure you live in a hygienic environment.