Modern glass entry doors are excellent home fittings. However, their ability to serve you well and longer depends on how well you care for them. Understanding and fixing or preventing common problems that affect them is one way of caring for them. This post discusses some of these common problems and their solutions. Keep learning. 

1. Drainage Challenges

Many modern glass entry doors have built-in drainage systems. They have slots at their thresholds’ bottom to allow excess water to flow away from your house. Sometimes, failing to keep the slots and holes unblocked can interfere with the doors’ functionality. Thus, drain the holes annually or bi-annually. 

2. Locks getting Stuck

At times, entry door locks get stuck and lose their functioning ability. Fortunately, this problem is easier to prevent and solve. Using a Teflon-based lubricant on the doors moving components bi-annually ensures smooth functionality. 

3. Hinging Problems

Many of the problems entry doors face start here. For example, you may hear the door rattle or squeak. It may also refuse to open or close smoothly, but you shouldn’t worry because hinging problems are easy to solve if you act early.

For example, you may need to lubricate the hinges to remove the squeaking sound. Consult a specialist for further recommendations if the problem persists. They might recommend a replacement or fix the problem. 

4. Latching Problems

Latching problems are also common among modern entry glass doors. The door might not stay shut when it should. Don’t panic If you notice this problem. Instead, fix it by tightening the affected hinges. However, avoid tripping the screws, or else you could worsen the looseness. 

Alternatively, replace the latch set using a screwdriver. You only need less than an hour to do this. Also, you might solve the problem by enlarging the strike plate’s hole. This option is necessary when you don’t want to replace the entire door jamb.

5. Sticking or Dragging on the Carpet

It’s common for homeowners to experience doors sticking or dragging on the carpet. This problem shouldn’t trouble you since you can solve it easily. The problem might be that you brought in a new carpet that’s thicker than the former one.

You may solve this problem by installing a rising door hinge. Alternatively, slightly trimming the door can resolve this issue.

6. Loose Screws

Loose door screws are the last problem these doors face. This challenge is common during winter, although other factors like a drastic shift in temperatures and humidity might cause it. If not addressed on time or correctly, loose screws could cause your door to stick to or rub against the frame.

Fortunately, you shouldn’t worry because you can fix loose screws by tightening them using a screwdriver. Second, you can solve the problem by drilling new pilot holes if the screws are stripped. 

There you go with common entry door problems and their readily available solutions. You now have power at your fingertips to fix these little challenges and enjoy your door’s services for longer.