What other than a good night’s sleep brings in a fresh new day? A well-spent day needs perfect sleep. After all, the health of an individual depends upon good sleep, combined with several other factors. Studies show that a minimum of 8 hours of sleep is necessary for an adult to stay healthy and active. Perfect and sound sleep is a boon. Factors like temperature, lighting, mattress, pillows, or ambience determine the quality of sleep. The user’s health should be prioritised while selecting accessories for a room, such as mattresses and pillows. Latest technologies enable mattress manufacturers to conduct experiments on improving product quality, which helps enhance the user’s health. This includes the best pocket spring mattress in India, manufactured by ‘Snoozer’.

How to choose the best mattress?

  • The mattress should support the back. The use of a low-quality mattress will lead to back pain and spine issues. One can assure optimum support by using mattresses with perfect spring technology, which helps maintain the right posture while sleeping. The coil technology operates with interactive upward support to maintain the proper alignment of the body. It functions as an orthopaedic support system and will protect the users from spine problems. This technology is suitable for older people and pregnant women who need proper back support. The coil springs are flexible and help distribute body weight by reducing the pressure on the body parts such as shoulders and hips. The traditional cotton or fibre mattresses are not reliable for this purpose. 
  • Comfort is another criteria for selecting a mattress. High resilience PU foam, pocket coil springs, natural latex, cotton and wool in modern mattresses provide comfort to the users. Materials like wool and cotton help retain lesser body heat which is also beneficial for a peaceful sleep. Wool has antimicrobial features, which can resist germs and bacterias. It allows more air circulation and makes the mattress cooler and comfortable. Cotton has almost the same properties and is also a highly breathable material.  
  • The size of the mattress should match the size of the coat. Most manufacturers provide mattresses of different sizes, including king-size, double coat, single coat and family coat, etc. The proper alignment of the mattress with the coat brings in perfection and reduces the chances of balancing problems. Some manufacturers provide the customers with an option to customise the mattress according to their preferences, like size and components. 
  • Firm edges and surface of the mattress help ease up the process of making the bed. The perfect edge banding will give extra support and keep the mattress in shape.
  • One should enquire about the quality and durability of the mattresses before buying one. The best ones will last about 10 to 15 years. The best manufacturers provide the customers with lengthy warranty periods too.
  • Easy to manage is better for easy maintenance. One can flip the mattress every 2 or 3 months to help it to retain the former shape. Flipping is helpful to relieve the compression on the upholstered materials to maintain comfort and support. One can clean using a vacuum cleaner, which will help collect the dust on the mattress’s surface. There are mattresses with a removable outer layer that is fibre-filled and made with antimicrobial-treated fabric that resists dust and bacterias, which help control odour. This outer layer is usually removable and washable. 

In a tropical country like India, where most of the regions are temperate zones for most of the year, the mattresses should be suitable and provide extra comfort by keeping the surface cooler. The use of breathable materials like wool and cotton helps keep the body cool. Nature-friendly options like cotton, wool, and natural latex will not harm the environment and are extremely helpful in a populous country like India. Nature-friendly substitutes should be promoted, as the pollution will kill the country’s already limited available resources.

The coil technology of the best pocket spring mattress in India does not trap body heat on the surface. This will help people stay cool and, thus, conserve energy because the use of fans and coolers will lessen if the body is kept cool during sleep. Alhough better sleep depends upon several factors, the location is very important. One should take utmost care and select a place that offers a minimal disturbance and maximum comfort. Areas away from the noise, of traffic, for instance, is ideal. A good night’s sleep is an asset for better health and life and should never make compromises in it.