Ants may seem harmless. However, they cause considerable damage to your garden, vegetable patch, or even your home interiors. Ant communities can thrive in weather and geographical conditions that are challenging for other pests. Studies show that there are close to 29 ant varieties in Utah. The semi-arid, dry climate of Utah with average high temperatures of 69° F makes it an ideal ecosystem for ants.

Additionally, ants can thrive on most food items. Therefore, they may infest any home or any surrounding that gives them access to sustenance. You may consider contacting reliable professionals who specialize in pest control Orem Utah if you are dealing with an ant infestation.

The most significant problem associated with ants is that they are hard to get rid of. Since they live in large colonies and reproduce fast, the frequency of ant infestations is high. It would be challenging for homeowners to eliminate ants from their property without professional help. 

Why Get Rid Ants in Your Garden or Property

Ants attract other pests and reptiles into your property. Lizards, frogs, and other pests that feed on ants will soon infest your property. The pests and reptiles may also harm your plants, crops, and other surfaces. 

You may face several additional problems if the ants get into your home. Some ant species are capable of eating into wood. The ants may create pits on your wooden surfaces and damage them in the process. Ant pics may also lead to permanent patching on your walls and floors. 

The most common complaint that homeowners raise regarding indoor ant infestations is food damage. Tiny ant species can crawl into bottles and containers through minor cracks or holes that may not be visible to the human eye. You may end up losing ingredients and grains if the ants get into your pantry. 

Additionally, several ant species bite. The bites may cause your skin to itch and lead to rashes. Homeowners who have kids, seniors, or pets living with them should be cautious about ants that bite. Ant bites are not poisonous and don’t usually need medical attention. However, they could cause extreme discomfort and itches that last for days. 

Black ant bites can also be especially painful. You may consider calling local experts who work with pest control in Orem, Utah, to eliminate ant infestations. These experts use special powders, solutions, equipment, and tools to clear the ants away. They also have formal training and certifications in the pest control field.

Common Types of Ants in Utah

There are close to 701,300 households in Utah. The USNW rated Utah the third best state to live in the US. The warm climate and arid topography of the state make it an excellent location to live in. However, the arid, rocky topography of the city also attracts ant populations and other pests. There are several ant species in Utah

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants can cause severe destruction since they feed on any available food. They are predominantly attracted to sugar. A distinctive feature of these ants is that they are large and can reach up to one inch in length. These ants are dark brown, reddish or black in color. 

They feed on fructose and other sugars. So it’s critical to get rid of these ants from your garden if you grow vegetables and fruits. These ants also bite to defend themselves. You may also note that carpenter ants can nest on dry or moist wooden surfaces. Leaky windows, spaces below sinks, and other damp surfaces are ideal habitats for these ants to build their nests.

Harvester Ants

Harvester ants feed mainly on vegetables, fungal growths, including mushrooms, grains, and seeds. These ants are also called fire ants. They don’t sting often, but their sting can be painful and cause itches. 

Research suggests that the impact of the sting can spread along your lymph channels and cause health issues. Therefore it’s critical to ensure your children or pets stay safe if you have harvester ants in your property or yard. 

These ants multiply fast and can cause heavy damage to your garden. They even feed on leaves like cabbage and spinach. Local specialists who have experience in pest control in Orem, Utah, can get rid of these ants using special sprays, liquids, and equipment.

Velvety Tree Ants

Velvety tree ants have soft, fuzzy underbellies. They feature mixed black and reddish-brown colors. While they feed primarily on honeydew, plants, and shrubs, they can be destructive to your property. 

These ants nest on damp and dry wood or even moist walls and could leave heavy patches on your wall or wooden surfaces. You may also note that velvety tree ants bite. The bites could cause severe pain and rashes. 

They can also carve tunnels and holes on damp wood. You may find it challenging to get rid of velvety tree ants without expert help. This is because the ant nests are usually located in high areas. Professionals who specialize in pest control in Orem, Utah, can eliminate these ants and suggest preventive measures to keep them away.

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are a common problem in Utah households. These ants nest in cracks of floors, pavements, and other similar spaces. While they don’t cause heavy damages to your property, they are notorious for getting into food. Pavement ants feed on sugar and any other edible human food source. 

They also eat protein sources. While these ants don’t generally bite, they may sting if provoked. It’s challenging to get rid of these ants since they have high resistance and are fast-paced.

Field Ants

Field ants are likely to infest your garden or lawn if you live in Utah. They don’t cause extensive damage to wood or create indoor problems. But some field ant species spray formic acid when they sting. These ants can hinder you from enjoying your garden, lawn, or yard. Field ant infestations could turn into a problem.


The services of experts who perform pest control in Orem, Utah, are valuable if you have ants on your property. Even passive ant species could spread diseases and get into your food. Massive ant colonies could even damage the structure of your building if left unattended. Experts use chemical sprays, balls, and other insecticides to get rid of ants from your property.