Why Radiator Heating is one of the hottest items around.

There is more than one key element to buying the right hot water radiators or an electric radiator for the home.

You’ll need to consider everything from;

  • The overall cost
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Efficiency
  • Style and space-saving
  • Safety

Once you have taken all these factors into consideration, you can make an educated choice you’ll be satisfied with.

without our homes catching on fire.”

Let’s look at those features one by one to help make that choice as easy as possible.

The Cost

There are serious cost savings to be made by choosing any of the quality hot water radiators.

It has been noted that there is a 30-35% reduction in the running cost of hydronic heating compared with gas ducted or central heating systems.

While there may be a higher upfront cost, the savings of hydronic heating over the years is too good to ignore. This becomes an asset in the long run and in the circumstances of selling the home.

The Headaches of ongoing maintenance

Unlike the options of central and ducted heating, hydronic heaters don’t come with the hassles of a yearly service or any pressure adjusting. This also eliminates having to schedule a time to fit in with the service person and the wide ranging hours of appointments.

Forget the worry of on-going costs or let-downs from any of those other heating systems. Hydronic heaters don’t have the myriad problems that come with moving parts. True quality hot water radiators usually come with a lengthy guarantee. There’s often a lifetime warranty on the overall body of the unit.

Choose heating for every corner of the home

As one of the most common types of hydronic heating, wall mounted radiator panels are not just affordable and efficient, they offer the advantage of a huge range of sizes. This form of heating saves time, money and space. The genius of it is the simple and effective way hot water is pumped through the system, and a radiator emits heat into the room.

A common problem found with ducted and central heating systems is that the heat is forced through the air, quickly raising the temperature yet leaving colder drafts as soon as the system switches off. The warmth of the home should never cause any discomfort.

Hydronic heating has the ability to heat any space from the floor or walls upwards. Every part of the home is heated to the same temperature because the heat is on a continual upward cycle.

Space-saving style

Radiator panels are the perfect mix of both sleek and modern, classic and timeless designs.

With hydronic heating, you have a heating solution to compliment any style. With a slim look and one that works with any décor, you have a sophisticated element to the home. There is no need to hide vents and grilles that sit in the flooring when you choose a stylish wall mounted hydronic heater.

Every single nook and cranny of the home is a precious space that is not one to waste. Hydronic radiator heating is the ideal way to save every inch of space in the room while adding a charming touch to your décor.

It is the wide range of sizing that helps with choosing the right unit for any room and any home.

Style and a healthy lifestyle

With the sleek lines that a quality radiator heater brings comes the bonus of a healthy lifestyle.

Despite regular maintenance, most ducted and central heating systems are home to a mix of dust mites, bacteria and allergens which are sent through the air for you and your family to breathe.

Hydronic heating is the healthier alternative. Because of its simple process of warming the water first, then allowing the heat to be sent through special radiators around the home, there is no need for the constant cycle of dusty air to blow around the room and throughout the home.

Along with the safety elements of radiator heat or hydronic heating is the fact that it is both asthma and allergen-friendly. You are providing warmth in the same way that nature does. Choosing a hot water radiator system is an effective and healthy way to heat any home.

Safety First

One of the safest ways to go about heating the home is through hydronic heating.

With hydronic heating being completely sealed off, there are no flames or exposed electrical connections.

With a lower risk of any fire hazard occurring, this is the heating system that offers both quality heating in volume with the added benefit of being a safer option.

Choosing a hot water radiator with safe touch steel panels will help cut down costs and risks.

For example, the Jaga convector range has a low surface temperature which makes them safe for schools, hospitals and aged care facilities.

The hunt for the perfect heater is over

When you take into consideration the cost, maintenance, efficiency, style choices and safety aspects of a heating system you can’t go past a hydronic heater.

With technological breakthroughs, hot water radiators boast highly conductive and superfast heat exchange meaning a lower energy consumption.

A warm and inviting home is just a matter of choosing which hydronic radiator or trench heating option suits the home best.

Whenever you need help, talk to an experienced team of consultants who can support you with product selection, planning, and organising installation. Need design support and advice on hydronic heating systems? See the team at Hunt Heating now.