Have you heard of smart light switches and how they work? Have you ever thought about turning on and off your lights even though you are not at home? With smart light switches, you can do this and more. It is as easy as just controlling your switches through your smartphone with an App and connecting them to other smart home devices.

You can also connect your lights so they can turn on if by any chance your security system detects that someone is trying to get into your house or even if a fire is detected.

Smart light switches are easy to install and they can be bought at an affordable price. Their new and modern design will perfectly match with your home interior design. Each of the switches has a small LED light in the center which of course can be customized to the color you want and will indicate that there is something else underneath it. Once you have the switch installed and you have the app on your cell phone, you can remotely trigger the switch and also schedule on and off times as part of a coordinated schedule.

An amazing feature it has is that you can also program dim levels even though most of the houses use nowadays LED lights for greater efficiency. Smart lighting has become more popular than ever before. With a smart light switch, you can do things with your lights that were not possible before.
Smart Light Switches in home
There are certain benefits of having a smart light switch. Of course, the main benefit would be switching the lights on and off remotely. Do you remember a time when people had a switch next to their beds to turn their lights on and off? This was so they wouldn’t have to stand up and turn the lights off from the switch placed on the wall. Nowadays, you can do this through your smartphone or tablet which will be with you wherever you go.

You can just use the app installed on your device and you can turn your lights on and off. These smart light switches are so modern that some of them can be executed by voice activation. You can also control several rooms in your house, such as your children’s bedroom. If it’s late and you need them to go to sleep, you can use the app on your smartphone and turn the lights off in their bedroom. Another benefit of a smart light switch can be scheduling a home lighting automation. You can set a schedule for your lights so they can turn on and off at specific times. If you want, you can also turn them on and off at random times so thieves who might want to go into your house can get confused thinking that there are people inside.

Depending on the light switch that you get, you would also have the option of activating the lights with a sensor motion detector. If you have lights outside your home, this would be a very useful security system because it will automatically expose anyone who is just walking around your house, especially late at night. It is also useful whenever you have a visitor late at night, or even if you have people walking in their sleep. These can be your children. You can also program your bedroom light to turn on at the same time that the outside light turns on, so that you can be notified when people are walking about the house.

Another benefit would be if by any chance there is a loud noise in your house due to a construction project or a party and it will be impossible to hear the bell, the light can turn on as a notification that someone is at your door. You can get other notifications through your lights, believe it or not. You can also program your lights to blink in different colors whenever you get a text message, email or any social media message. Sounds great, doesn´t it? This kind of notification is very popular nowadays in “smart” homes, and would be useful for anyone.
Light Switches in home
Thinking about the electricity bills, you can also save a lot of money with smart light switches. If by any chance you leave home and you forget to turn off the lights, with your smart light switch you can turn off the lights wherever you are. If you are thinking about doing different activities at home, you can set moods that will be appropriate for different settings. Whether you’re having a romantic date, studying or watching TV at night and you don’t want bright light in the room, you can dim the light to create the perfect environment.

If you’re interested in home automation, you’d better turn to smart lighting. Getting smart light switches and smart bulbs are not expensive nowadays. They don’t require complicated setups, and best of all is that you can integrate them with your smart devices. Remember that by using a smartphone or a tablet you will be able to turn on and off all the lights, dim them, make them blink, and even change their colors as you want. Once you get into smart lighting, it will brighten up your life.