An air compressor is kind of a must for any at-home DIY kit. While they might look and sound quite specialized, in reality, these multi-purpose masters are equally useful for casual crafters as they are for DIY experts. Environmentally-friendly, time-saving, and versatile, air compressors are also great value for money and offer a solid return on investment. They’re also much easier to use and more efficient than the electrical versions.

Like most DIY tools, there’s a huge range of options on the market, so doing a bit of research before you buy will help you narrow things down. Think about how and where you might use your compressor. Here are a few of our ideas!

If you aren’t familiar with air compressors, you may have a slight learning curve. Once you’ve experienced using one, we guarantee that manual and electric equipment will become nothing more than a distant memory!

Painting Walls

Painting Walls
Traditional methods of painting walls such as rollers or paintbrushes can be time-consuming, difficult, and physically taxing, but a compressed air spray gun does the work for you in much less time. It is, of course, a spray, so covering or removing all furniture before you start is an absolute must, or you might end up painting more than you expected!


Yes, upholstery. Re-upholstering chairs and other soft furnishings can give them a new lease of life and stop you needing to replace them quite so soon. Starting what seems like quite a specialist project might seem intimidating, but an air pressure staple gun will fire staples into wood chair frames quickly and easily. You’ll be able to keep your hands out of the way of flying staples more easily, too.

Installing trims

Pneumatic nail guns help you install trim and molding in minutes, as the compressed air forces nails through the wood instantly, rather than you needing to bash away with a hammer. This also makes the nail much less likely to damage the wood as it goes through, which makes doing this kind of work without a helper much easier, and also eliminates the possibility of you hammering your fingers instead.


Remove dust, dirt, and debris from high or hard to reach places with an air blowing tool that simply blows it away! If your cleaning task takes more time to complete then you have to take air compressor repair. You can also use it to clear leaves from our yard or driveway.


If your compressor has the size of a backpack, you may be able to use it, and not your lungs, to blow up anything you might need to blow up. This includes soccer balls, inflatable pools, air mattresses, lilos, inflatable beds, tires, and much more. Just don’t go too far, or you may end up with a blow-out!

The fine details

As well as walls, an air compressor can help you paint finer details on cabinets or other furniture. Keep the pressure low and the volume high, and you’re sure to finish up with smooth, beautiful surface rollers and brushes you could only dream of achieving.