You have probably been spending a lot more time in your living room lately, so it’s the perfect time to spruce it up and make sure that it is a relaxing place to spend time in. You could go all out and re-decorate, or just make a few changes to turn the room around. Here are some tips that can help you to make it into a cozy and relaxing place to spend time in:

Add More Coziness


To instantly make the room cozier, add texture and color into the room with a fluffy or patterned rug and layer up blankets and throw cushions. These are all great items that soften a room and can bring in your style, as well as add comfort. Soft rugs feel great under your feet and nothing beats an evening curled up on the sofa with a blanket and plenty of cushions!

Choose Comfortable Seating

It’s hard to relax if the seating is uncomfortable, so the sofas and armchairs you have should be as comfortable as possible. Blankets and cushions can improve comfort, but they can’t work miracles, so if your furniture is really old and tired then it could be due for a replacement. Another great seating option for the living room is a massage chair, it might be an investment but once you have tried one, you will soon realize that it is well worth the cost. Nothing can be more relaxing than a massage whilst you watch your favorite film on tv!

Lighting is Important


To set the mood and help you wind down, make sure you have plenty of lamps in your living room to switch on in the evening. These will soften the lighting, and your main light can be switched off. You could also add a dimmer switch to your overhead light. In the daytime, make the most of natural light and draw back those curtains and blinds.

Make Sure the Layout is Right

The layout of a room can really change how spacious a room feels. Try moving furniture around to see how it makes the room feel. Seating grouped together around a focal point – such as a fireplace or bay window – can help to make the room more intimate.

Suitable Storage


Clutter and mess will make the room feel more chaotic, so keep things tidy by making the most of storage. Shelving for books and items you want to display, drawers for miscellaneous items and even blanket boxes and ottomans can provide hidden storage solutions.

Add Inviting Décor

The living room is a space to relax, so display your favorite magazines on the coffee table, stack board games and your favorite novels on the shelves where they are easy to reach, and display your favorite DVDs or vinyls. These items are all sources of entertainment and provide you with the means to relax, so they will make the room feel more inviting. You should also display your favorite framed prints, art and family portraits on the wall, as these are all things that should spark joy and be pleasant to look at.

Lift Your Senses


Make a room feel instantly more relaxing and cozier with the help of aromatherapy. Light your favorite scented candle, burn incense or even just try a plug-in air freshener. Aroma diffusers are also really popular, as you can mix and match with your favorite essential oils. The scents you choose can help to relax you and will uplift the room, making it a pleasant space for everyone.

Hopefully, these tips can all help to make your living room a sanctuary, for the ultimate cozy, relaxing experience. Make the most of your living room and maximize its full potential!