Are you looking for new ways to liven up your home? With the introduction of a variety of custom print designs, you can now choose the best style to make your home look perfect. If you are new to home decor and get confused about different custom print options, check out this handy guide – we’ll explain the most important differences between various print types so that you can make a smart choice. 

Types of Custom Prints That You Should Know

Customized prints for wall art decor may vary from classic framed photos to canvas prints and metal panels. Thanks to advances in printing technologies, it’s now possible to get high-quality photo reproductions on a whole range of materials without compromising on resolution and color vibrancy.

Even if you’re a novice in interior design and photo printing, getting custom prints of your favorite photos is an easy task. Start by choosing photos that capture emotional and precious memories of your life. Keep in mind that the chosen photos should match or tastefully contrast your wall color and the general decor scheme. And finally, choose an appropriate printing medium:

  • Canvas Prints: Ideal for almost any home and any room, canvas prints can transform your photo into a gallery-style inspired artwork. Canvas prints come with a distinctive texturized finish that softens the colors of the photo without losing the crispness of a single pixel. The result – a remarkably high resolution, clear colors and original looks that will look fresh and appealing each and every day.
  • Metal Prints: Are you looking for a stripped-back design, clean lines and vibrant colors? Check out metal prints. They feature a modern borderless layout and a remarkably sleek, sheeny surface. Metal prints are long-lasting, waterproof and scratch-resistant. Choose metals and you can relax about any potential damage and hang the prints anywhere in your home.
  • Poster Prints: If you’re looking for an old-school wall art style, you can try custom posters. It is a cost-effective and simple way of transforming your photos into wall decor elements. The photo will get printed on lab-quality paper and can be framed later for the best look. 
  • Acrylic Prints: This type of custom print combines the sleek and radiant surface of a metal print with clean bared edges of canvas prints. Your photo will be printed on lab-quality photo paper and covered with acrylic glass (or printed directly on the acrylic surface). Thanks to the transparent edges of the print, the photo will be seen from all sides – acrylic prints provide a remarkable 3D effect.

Final Thoughts

You must have got some brief knowledge about the types and unique styles of custom prints for your wall decoration from this guide. To get the best quality prints, choose a respectable provider –, for example – and get started with your new wall decor project!