Plumbing system is an essential element which is quite necessary to have and every home must have one. Without one, you will not be able to use your kitchen or your bathroom. Since, plumbing systems are quite important, fixing the problems that come with them are also very important. many people do not bother with it and just hire a professional plumber from companies. While, other people follow the do-it-yourself methods.

If you are more of a DIY method person, then you will have the knowledge about plumbing pipes. If not, then here are some of the different types of plumbing pipes that are used in plumbing systems and you can buy them from industrial piping companies:

1. Pex piping

Pex piping also known as polyethylene pipe is made up of plastic. It is majorly used for supplying water in homes or business organizations. One of the best things about Pex pipes is that it is quite flexible, making it much easier to install it compared to others. Furthermore, it is quite durable and is highly heat resistant. However, the cost of installing these pipes is quite higher than other pipes but these pipes need nearly no maintenance.

2. Copper piping

Copper is one the most common material that is used to make pipes. Copper pipes are used to construct gas line plumbing systems. These pipes are quite durable and are able to withstand a pressure of 1000 psi. Furthermore, they are reliable against corrosion and are fire resistant. These pipes are used for both cold and hot water, while other pipe cannot be used for both. Moreover, it will not release any harmful materials into the water such as lead. However, you will need to hire an expert in order to install it.

3. PVC piping

PVC piping also known as polyvinyl chloride piping is used for many purposes such as transporting drinking water and fire sprinkler system. PVC pipes are quite durable as well as cost effective compared to other pipes. There are also different types of PVC pipes available, and each pipe is used depending on the job. Moreover, using PVC pipes is environmentally friendly because it is a low carbon which is a recyclable plastic.

4. Galvanized piping

Galvanized pipes are made from steel that has a protective coating of molten zinc in order to delay the corrosion and rust. These were quite famous in 1960s and 1980s. Galvanized piping can rust after decades of usage, which can disrupt the plumbing system. However, these are less expensive as well as more durable than copper pipes. It also has a wider diameter and is used for gray water.


Always remember that before purchasing any of the plumbing pipes mentioned above, make sure that you have gathered all the necessary information you need about these pipes and short listed them. It is advisable to also search about different shops that sell these pipes. It is a wise move to ask your professional plumber for guidance in case you are confused.