Runner rugs are one of the most popular options for decorating the house and bringing comfort. But different types of rugs are available in the market.

If you know what types of runner rugs are available, it will be useful for you to set them up in your home and make your own decoration.

Area rug runners

One of the most common types of runner rugs is the area rug runners. Because of its ability to identify a zone or an area, an area rug runner can be placed in almost any setting. They are customizable, with sizes, shapes, styles, and patterns.

You can find them in any type of design. They are available in a variety of styles and forms, ranging from Oriental to Persian, light colors to deep colors, hand-woven or machine-woven, simple patterns to geographical patterns, floral prints to animal prints and even braided.

There is a saying that the earliest rug ever discovered was crafted in the fifth century Bc.

Kitchen rug runners

Kitchen rugs are also very popular for their function. You can keep your feet clean with these rugs. While working, if some water falls on the floor, it will absorb them and prevent your kitchen from a slippery floor.

Generally, vegetables, fruits or cutlery sets are printed on the kitchen rugs. But if you want, you can use a plain one colored rug.

Bathroom runners

Bathroom rugs are usually placed in front of the shower or bathtub. These rugs usually come with various stripes or geographical patterns in repetition. Bath rugs will give you a non-slippery floor to step out from the shower and firm footing.

Outdoor runners

The next is outdoor runners. These rugs are durable and highly resistant to the weather. You can find them in many colors and designs. Most of them are floral printed so they can complement the surroundings.

Many people also use animal printed rugs for outdoor areas. With their vibrant colors and intriguing designs, these runners can bring any outdoor space to life.

Children’s runner rugs

If you find any rug with illustrations or cartoon characters, you must understand that this is kids rugs. Kids rugs are more colorful than any other rugs. They also contain so many patterns. Some rugs have numbers and alphabets so that kids can learn and practice from them while playing. 

Hallway runners

These types of runners are placed in the hallway. They come in different designs and narrow widths. These rugs can instantly change the look of your hallway.

Door rugs

From the name, you may understand that you can place them in front of the door. People can clean their feet before entering the room or house. These rugs come up with different designs and welcoming texts.

Stair runners

Stair runners are used for stairs. They come up with a long length but narrow width. These rugs are used to give you secure footing while ascending or descending stairs. They also bury the walking sounds. Of all these runner rugs, it is now your choice which rugs you want to use in your home.